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Gifts DemonsandAngels: Happy belated birthday!! Hope it's great Sakaira: Happy birthday Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Zuzu-chan! nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!!! thelostsindar: Happy Birthday!! :D misachan83: Happy Birthday! Keya: Happy birthday!! shy hyuga: thanks for the gift here is one for you nikkeh09: Thanks for entering my challenge ^^ Darkarax: Random Gift SmallxLady: Bingo! You guessed right ^^ OoAnBuOo: Glad ou could participate : D hurki uchiha: long time my old friend. : Ur entry, just WOW thanks tethysal: thank you!^^ HotRamen2Go009: Happy belated birthday! ItachiSasuke: Meepmeep. Random hugs for you~<3 nikkeh09: Happy Late Birthday!! tethysal: happy birthday Sakaira: Happy birthday teapartyprincess: Happy birthday!! Kaerlyn: Have a beautiful birthday :3 Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy Birthday! Keya: Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one! 21Emmz12: Happy Birthday!! thelostsindar: Happy Birthday!! ^-^ misachan83: Happy Birthday! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Zu-chan! OoAnBuOo: Thanks for entering my challenge ^v^ nikkeh09: Thanks for entering my challenge ^^ Snowzi: Thank you! :3 kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! nikkeh09: Thank you for entering my challenge ^^ ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's! :D teapartyprincess: Merry Christmas!! nikkeh09: Happy Halloween! ItachiSasuke: Random gift! Have an awesome day! :D animegirl171: Thank you for the birthday wishes :) lorrainiaful: happii belated birthday HotRamen2Go009: Happy Belated Birthday! :D : Happy Birthday : Happy birthday! :) chihiroyin: Happy Birthday ;D Hifsa: Happy Birthday! :) enkichan: happy b-day !! : HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Zuzu-chan!! DemonsandAngels: Happy birthday! Hope it's wonderful!! teapartyprincess: happy birthday! thelostsindar: Happy Birthday! ^-^ silvershriek: Haaaaaaappy Birthday Zuzu!! :D Keya: Happy Birthday! :) Sakaira: Happy birthday nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!!! : HAVE A CAKE FILLED BIRTHDAY! DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have a great day~! tethysal: happy birthday! GrellOtaku99: Happy Birthday!!!!    (: (: (: (: (: CanIPikachu: thanks for the favorite <3 :) : Happy Easter~!!! ^^ ItachiSasuke: Happy Easter! :D : I'm so sorry.... nikkeh09: a little good luck! DoubleOtaku: HAPPY VALNTINS DAAY nikkeh09: Happy Valentine's Day !! ItachiSasuke: Be mine! Happy Valentine's<3     ^O^ XxArrancarFanxX: Happy Valentine's Day! Sakura Tachibana: Get well sooooooooooonnnnnnn!!! :) blue tea: Have a happy new year :D CelestialSushi: Happy New Year! :D Akemash'te Omedetou! AriaFlosh: Happy new year :3 enkichan: happy new Year 2014 Aryia: Happy New Year ;3 CelestialSushi: Merry Christmas! ^_^ thelostsindar: Merry Christmas!! ^-^ : MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas!<3 Best wishes next year Rainbow Dragon: ur a true friend Zuzu. *huggles you* <3 nikkeh09: Merry Early Christmas!!! ^^ XxArrancarFanxX: Happy Holidays ^^ Captain Ronnie: Congrats on winning my challenge!~ <3 : No problem. ;) Aryia: Thanks for joining 30 day comment slam<3 XxArrancarFanxX: Thanks for the comments <3 ItachiSasuke: Aw thank you! To the world's best ninja! tethysal: happy halloween ! Soulanime14: Happy Halloween!!!!!! DoubleOtaku: HAPPY HALLOWEEN :D madalinehatter: Thanks for the sub (>^ _^)> teapartyprincess: correct! teapartyprincess: wrong for the 4th~ Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ teapartyprincess: wrong~ better dodge this one ^^ teapartyprincess: eek you were wrong D: teapartyprincess: you guessed right! HotRamen2Go009: Congrats on the promotion :D silvershriek: Congrats on the promotion! Sakura Tachibana: Congrats on your promotion! ItachiSasuke: Heyo~ Congrats on your promotion! ;D kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! : Thanks for the subscribe. :) superstarpanou: Thank u for participating in my contest! mampo: thanks for subscribing to me!!! : Very original. Thanks for entering! KonomiShinra: Thanks for the Subs hehe ^^ tethysal: thanks for the sub ^^ Archmage225: Thanks for the sub ^^ : Thank u for entering my challenge~ morningmusicheart: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D Spectre: happy b-day sis ^_^ time line: Happy birthday! sorry for being so late ItachiSasuke: Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you~ =D nimbusoak: happy birthday! (sorry it's late) : Happy b'day, sorry it's late! kamichama karin s: Have a good one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Zuzu-chan! kitabug69: Happy Birthday my friend... (: Rainbow Dragon: HappyEpic b-day Ninja-kun,loves u<33 silvershriek: Happy Day of your Birth!!! :D DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! :D SweeTea: Happy Birthday! :) hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) pandaman08: Happy Birthday!! Idk what's inside :D OneHellOfAnOtaku1: Happy birthday, dear! ^^ thelostsindar: Happy Birthday! ^-^ chihiroyin: Happy b-day :3 : Happy Birthday ^_^ Dragoncia: Happy Birthday! :D Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy Birthday! : Happy Birthday to my destructive niece ^ GreenHairAlien: Happy B-day ^^ <3 Hifsa: happy Birthday! :D AriaFlosh: Happy birthday ��(@°�°@)� Valerie014: Happy birthday! Best wishes to you ^^ kamichama karin s: For being so awesome! ;) thanks. Keba Si Rota: Thanx 4 reading my long artist's comment Kaagemusha: lol XD but i'm really tall tigeatoray: And thank you for your favorite :D time line: Another gift for you ^_^ time line: here a gift for you too ItachiSasuke: Sending you some good ol' Otaku <3! ^O^ ItachiSasuke: Sending you some good ol' Otaku <3! ^O^ : Sorry for the gift inconvenience. :D chihiroyin: Thanks for the great picture =D silvershriek: Congrats for being promoted! ^^b pandaman08: Congrats on the promotion :D HotRamen2Go009: Congrats on the promotion :D Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ : Congrats on your promotion (^0^)/ ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion Zuzu!! :D CelestialSushi: Yay! Congrats on the promotion! :D ryukenden: congrats on your promotion as well! kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! enkichan: thanks for subing me ^-^ ACL Production: I know ya like pandas.. so here. enkichan: thanks for subscribed me ^-^ Sabriela Hellena: Second place: Team art, WINNER!! : Thank you for favoriting! :) ItachiSasuke: Wishing you peace, joy & <3 this Easter : Happy early Easter! : Thank you very much for the wishes :D Kami-chan.x3: Thanks & Happy St. Pat's day! XD Kailith: Thanks for entering my challenge! :) Snowzi: Thank you! ^_^ TsumeXEmerald73: :3 kamichama karin s: Happy V day! hope you like your bracelet : *shoots you* Hehe,Happy V Day!~ :3 shellshell56: Happy valentines day! eijiforever: happy Valentine's Day! � ^v^ eijiforever: happy Valentine's Day! � ^v^ ItachiSasuke: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 U Lot's! =D GIDRA: hugs X MAGE X: Thank you for the sub~!  ^__^ shellshell56: Hi! pandaman08: WAH?!!! i found a panda for you!!! XD Spectre: Merry Christmas ^_^ BabyD: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ^__^ touketsusharingan: merry christmas! :) 15385bic: merry xmas and a happy new year =] 15385bic: Merry xmas CelestialSushi: Merry Christmas! ^_^ ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you~! :D shellshell56: thanks for rping with me :D DistantStar: Merry early X-mas!! :) Party lots<333 Rainbow Dragon: Happy holidays EPIC NINJA!Judai luvs u<3 : thanxx for the gift, Here's yours chichi6: thanks for le gift:) Sosuke kun: Thanks Narie920: Do not open until Christmas XD TsumeXEmerald73: *Loves you forever* :3 : happy holidays!!! :D byakuyarox1: Thanks for entering! ItachiSasuke: A good luck charm for you ;D ItachiSasuke: congrats on getting round 1 correct~! :D morningmusicheart: TO TEAM WORK! (sry cheesy lol) : boss heh MangaKid: U r an awesome friend! *thumbs up* hime hisagi: thank you for sucribe me. :) : For chu Ninja!! ryukenden: congrats on your promotion ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion~! ^__^ : congrats on second place in my challenge Morrow: Thanks <3 Sosuke kun: thanks Sosuke kun: Here you go Roku Hoshikage: It's alright, I understand. kindak00l: Thanks for subscribing me... Roku Hoshikage: No problem, A call from me is free~ Roku Hoshikage: And you're my panda as well ^////^ DoNotCare: You... are... GODLY! KittyPerson9001: Thank you for subscribing! :3 elricbrothersfan: Thanks for subscribing! Heartkruez: Thanks for faving my work. :D Hanako Sho: Thank you, dear :3 Captain Ronnie: Thanks for the subscribe!~ <3 teapartyprincess: i love  the drawing thank you!!!!! <3 MultiArae: Thanks! Great job on Ryo ^^ crazyanimegrl: Thanks for the gift ^^ ItachiSasuke: Random gift~ Because you're amazing! :D Hanako Sho: Happy (belated) Birthday! :3 Kami-chan.x3: Happy Belated Birthday my dear!! XD XD Jessicaanimelover: Happy Birthday :D silvershriek: Because everyone needs a strawberry ^^ Kaerlyn: For special days ^^ : Sry it's late; Hope u had happy birthday teapartyprincess: happy birthday! *not late!* Spectre: Happy B-day sis ^_^ gdaneqa: happy birthday~ :) hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday :) fuko chan: Happy Birthday Zuzu :) Have fun! morningmusicheart: (couldn't find you a sword) Happy B-Day! : Happy Birthday! have a great one! ^^ MissPuppettear: Happy Birthday Zuzu (^-^) DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday!! have an awesome day! :) lilaaliyah2: HAPPY B-DAY!!! time line: happy birthday zuzu : Happy Birthday old lady : Happy Birthday Friend!! Have fun!! HotRamen2Go009: Happy Birthday! See you around Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy Birthday 2 ya ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D touketsusharingan: happy birthday!!! :3 crazyanimegrl: dessert ninja strikes again lol crazyanimegrl: cupcake on ur head!! crazyanimegrl: happy birthday!! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday! XD SakuraNorkus: Happy Birthday!!! :) IJNeptune: Happy Birthday twin sis :3 FancyTailCoat: Red gave me one too! XD Rainbow Dragon: Ramen4u*hugs*Thanks4 being good friend MissPuppettear: thanks for the sub (^^) : Thank you for the Gift! ^^ ToxicNinja14: Hello- : thanks for the sub! BlackCatHeartnet: Cookie for you. ^_^ angluvdeath: thanks for the subs ItachiSasuke: Happy Easter My Friend~<3   <(^__^)> morningmusicheart: thankx 4 the sub :) : Thanks for the sub :D : Thanks for subbing :D Blue Latte: Thank you :3 Blaze023: thanks for the sub!!^^ firezero: student  your draws are good firezero: your a good student cazzmataz: Thanks for subbing :) kamichama karin s: thank you so much for the sub!! *hugs* Immortal Queen: Thank you for entering Anime Madness! 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