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My second entry for JanetChan's challenge; my yujin, my [CHINGU.]

I have a few more after this one to submit for another very few special friends of mine, and have them to be sent in a scheduled manner this week, so please look forward to them! (In other words, they will be in a set order for submission.)

[I also want to apologize if the font seems wonky. My Photoshop has been on the fritz with not initializing the font text at the time that I made this and my other ones. I tried to work with it as best I could though!]

I wanted to dedicate this one to Leiya. We've been best friends for a few years now and all the while I've enjoyed speaking with you on numerous occasions. Even though you aren't here on TheO as often as you'd like, and even though I can't text you as often as I'd love to (since I have limited minutes), I'm always thinking about you everyday and I'm always hoping for nothing but the best for you as you go about life, since you're busier more than usual. I love you alot and I miss you, and I hope this card can show that. I know this is the first dedication I've made to you, and I hope to dedicate more things to you later on. You mean alot to me and I love and miss you so much!

I feel so gifted to have you as a best friend. You have SO many qualities about you that I not only admire, but I can relate to you on alot of things. I love how passionate you are about life and what you want to make of it. You've always talked about how much you really want out of life my following your dreams about someday being in a band with friends and maybe becoming a guitarist for them, and your love for music is always in good taste and I hope you attain that dream. You have so much going for you when it comes to things you want to do and you're really talented too, so your options will always remain open if you decide to do something else different, but even in the toughest times, you always come up with the next best thing, staying a ways ahead of your game and that's something important that you don't see in very many people. I know you don't always know what's ahead the next day or in the future, but you always try to prepare yourself in the best way you know how.

When it comes to the important things in life, the main thing is, you never give up, no matter what the situation is. You face your problems head on and you try to solve them in the best plan you can come up with. You never back down from a challenge that involves something you care about or something that involves improvement on your person. You are one of the strongest people I know and I want you to always keep on being that way. I know from some instances you told me that you aren't always happy with the way things are, and I highly admire your will to change things for the better, even if you aren't in the best spot. You have so much potential I have ever seen in someone so genuine, I can't find the words to being to explain just how great of a person you really are. I know you can become even greater, very successful even.

Your idealism about the world is the most inspiring things about you too. To me, everything you have envisioned for the way the world should be is very realistic and similar to my own view of how I see the world to be. Even if someone does you wrong, no matter how close that person was, even if what seems like the worst thing to happen happens, even if the world turned on you; YOU WOULD NEVER GIVE UP ON THE WORLD. Yes, sometimes you may have moments of uncertainty, but no, you have not once wavered from your hope on the world. You have the strength to change it, but not alone. I want to be there with you every step of the way, along with all of our other dearest friends. We all know you have the power to do anything when you put your mind to it and the results are always because you persevered though your hardships and believed to the end. I know you will always keep on believing, even when things may seem bleak. I know you wish for a world with everyone, full of the utmost happiness anyone has ever had, filled with alot of love and cheer and always blue skies. I know you and I and everyone dearest can help you fulfill those dreams you have. I want you to always remember that you aren't alone in the things you seek and I never want you to forget about the important things in life (which I know you will never do.) and always carry on strong.

You are a very special person to me and everyone dearest, and I'm so glad we all became best friends! I'll always keep you very close to my heart since you hold one of the four spots there and you'll be there forever. Nobody can ever take your place. You're someone who I'll never forget and I'll treasure you forever. Never give up on your dreams and always remain headstrong!

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my yujin, my [CHINGU.]

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