DeidaraNarutoClan Whose THAT Pokemon?... It's A... Zombie?!

Through October until November (the actual cap for this is Halloween but you can still submit things)

This contest will be about ZOMBIE Pokemon because of my newest upcoming comic: Pokemon: Snakewood

The rules for this are, make your own version fanart of zombies with their zombie pokemon or you can just color the fanart I did in your own way (As long as you credit me of course lol)

The rules of this go as followed:

    [1.] Nothing too inappropriate
    [2.] The more blood and gore the better :3
    [3.] Any medium and style is accepted
    [4.] I would love it to be colored~
    [6.] You can submit as much as you want to
    [7.] Have fun :D Above all else

The prize?:
The winner will get a request fanart and their picture will be featured as the cover of the comic :3
The runner ups (and anyone else I choose) will also have their fanart posted in the comic as chapter pages :3

Ready to shake things up? Do your best ^w^

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