FUNimation Dragonborn

So. Yeah. Skyrim.
Hopefully I'm not the only one addicted to it at the moment : D
This challenge is simple: draw your character from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
You can draw them in any way you please. You don't have to put them in big, fancy, complicated armor. You could just put them in a nice set of fine clothes. Or you could draw them doing one of your favorite quests. OR you could draw them in some epic battle with a dragon, absorbing its soul, and then teabagging its stupid dead face. It's totally up to you

1st place: 2 requests; both full color
2nd place: 2 requests; 1 full color, 1 lineart
3rd place: 1 request; lineart

Be creative and have fun! I'll add more information to this challenge if needed~ :D
(P.S. I don't actually know who plays Skyrim on I'm just going to invite people on my subscriptions list for now XD;;)

Winners, please PM me so you can get your prizes! :D

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Dovahkiin Fahliil ~Katana
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