Kaerlyn Mockingjay

I haven't made a challenge in a long time, but i'm afraid I can't resist any longer!

I hope you lot don't mind being invited... ^^

For this challenge i'd really like you to draw/paint/knit/sew/cook things to do with The Hunger Games books.

You can draw your own interpretations of the characters. I know the film is out very soon [so excited!] but the books were first, so just go with what you imagined. If you haven't read the books but still want to join in then of course feel free to be inspired by the film. ^^

You don't have to draw the characters, you could do scenery, logos, food, whatever you like I suppose, just please write in the description what it is.

You have three months. If you haven't read the books go and find them now! GO ON!

And may the odds be ever in your favour...

All winners will get some icon requests/ecards ^^

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Let the Hunger Games begin. ~stupidturtle365
Katniss Everdeen, District 12 Tribute ~wallpaperotaku
Keep Your Eyes Open ~Judai Winchester
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