Sarasface Define love.

So whenever I hear people talk about love, it's always some kind of cliche about romance. This is because I go to a high school. Love means more than that to me. The family that kept me safe over the years. The friends that kept me sane. The authors with the deepest minds. Beautiful memories. Random people I met who changed my life. So, this is the challenge--what do you think of when you think of love? Your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, a beautiful place, a favorite book character, even a beloved childhood object--whatever you think of.

Please keep it appropriate.
In the description, please explain WHY this means "love" to you.
Please dedicate it to a friend on theO you appreciate very much. This isn't an absolute necessity. If you don't want to, you don't have to dedicate it to anyone.
Make it unique! Really think about what love means to YOU, not about what society teaches or what someone else said.

Winners each recieve a gift. That is all. I hope you guys participate and have fun with it!

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