twilight samurai Express Yourself!

Let's get down to business here... *smiles*

For this challenge, I would like you to draw 9 different facial expressions!

Consider this example. This artist drew 25 different ones, but you only need to draw 9.

Other rules:

- You may use one or more anime characters (or your OC's)
- You may enter as many times as you like (but make sure you draw a different set of 9 each time)
- You won't get a better chance if you draw more than one set of 9 facial expressions (I'll pick the best of your individual submissions)- BUT draw as much as you want!
- Don't get expressions confused with styles - Disney style, Final Fantasy style, Tite Kubo style, etc.

If you have further questions, please leave a comment or PM me. :) In the meantime, have fun!! (Here's a helpful tutorial on drawing facial expressions too.)

Prizes are TBD since I have little access to a computer aside from work. ^^;

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