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Gifts LGA775: For always being such a great friend^^ Sakaira: Thank you! Starscream: Happy birthday! reichiinya: Thank you very much! dfdfdfdf: MERRY CHRISTMAS SISSY!!! ^^ alexea arescia: Happy Birthday Mira! sorry i'm late^^"" touketsusharingan: happy birthday mira! :3 hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � dfdfdfdf: Happy birthday sissy teapartyprincess: happy birthday ^^ kikkima: thank you for the birthday wishes : ) : Thank you ! reichiinya: Thanks for the gift! touketsusharingan: happy birthday mira mira :3 hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � Amestar: Happy Birthday Mira! LGA775: Happy birthday!! Sorry I'm late^^ sasusaku 4ever: Happy Birthday :D : A Very Happy B'day to you !! Have fun :D wallpaperotaku: Happy Birthdaaaaay ^_^ RayMan87: Happy Birthday :> kahoko66: Happy Halloween! LGA775: Aww thank you so much my friend^^ Kami-chan.x3: Thank you!! *HUGGLES* Spectre: Merry Christmas ^_^ touketsusharingan: merry christmaaaas miraaaa :D kita mikichi: Congrats on Otaku Eternal! ^^ Felix the Cat: Happy late birthday! (Sorry I missed it) Amestar: Happy Birthday :D Alicie: Happy Birthday! shine moonlight: Happy Birthday! wallpaperotaku: Happy birthday! ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D Mr Sword: Happy Birthday~ morbo86: Happy Birthday MITA touketsusharingan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRA MIRA MIRA MIRA MIRA Zennyxchan: Happy Birthday Mira Mira! hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � teapartyprincess: happy birthday!!! :D *pounce hugs* StarlightPrincess: Thank you! :3 Have some cupcake xD LGA775: Promise I'll be back soon my friend morningmusicheart: Just wanna say thanks 4 all the faves!:D ItachiSasuke: Happy Easter My Friend~<3   <(^__^)> Kami-chan.x3: HAI. :D *hugs forever&ever* Kami-chan.x3: Thnx!! & Happy St. Pat's!! *hugs* reichiinya: Thank you so much for the gift! TheDarkAngel: Happy Valentine's Day~!! Kami-chan.x3: HAI! *HUGGLES&SNUGGLES* Happy V-Day! ChibiHanyou: Happy Valentine's Day :) kita mikichi: Thanks for entering! animae: thank u :) DistantStar: Happy New Years, good luck in 2012! Otomi Babii: Merry Christmas � -Nellie :3 : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D : Happy Holidays~! :D kahoko66: Merry Christmas!!! NeKo MoonShine: Merry Christmas~ :3 and happy new year! SRI: I HAS COME TO SHARE THIS COOKIE!!!! LGA775: Aww thank you!! i love it..!! kagura1212: happy birthday ;D (sorry T^T  late...) RayMan87: Happy B Day! :P touketsusharingan: happy birthday!!!!! wallpaperotaku: happy birthday!!!!!! mia sweet: happy birthday sakurasista: happy birthday! :D MintIceCream: happy happy happy bday!!!!!!!!!!! TheDarkAngel: Happeh Birfday~! Make a wish~! :D KyanChan: Happy Birthday Mira!!! Kidork: Happy Birthday~! <3 : Happy Birthday!! Amestar: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRA!!! Wayward Warrior: PANDA BIRTHDAY!  :D teapartyprincess: happy birthday mira Eiri Yuki s Lover: Happy Birthday!!! dfdfdfdf: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAYU-SAN!!!!!!!!! Zennyxchan: happy birthday :D ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! C; Arctic Summer: Happy Birthday :)))) : Happy Sexy B-day firezero: happy bday shine moonlight: Happy Birthday Miracle! DistantStar: HAPPY BDAY GURL! HAVE CAKE <3 : Happy Birthday!! Felix the Cat: Happy Birthday, Mira! : mira!! happy birthday~!!! :D sasusaku 4ever: Happy Birthday ^^ Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday Mira Chan!!! ashio: Have a spook-tastic Halloween! xD NeKo MoonShine: Happy Halloween :D : Happy Halloween kahoko66: Happy halloween! : thanks for the gift ^^ moonlit dream: Thanks for all the favorites!!!! :) Linku-kun: Strawberry flavored pocquil!!! :D 1dev13: A kitten for you! :3 TwinkleEye: thanks for the gifts:) : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ : Wrong! : For being nice ^^ Chibi Light: Thanks Miracle XD and for the gifts superstarpanou: Thank you for the sub~ A cookie for you~ : *pies you* : All for you Annie! :D : POCKY!!!! : delicious : nom : nom : om nin-chaz: have a slice! lol kahoko66: Happy Easter! touketsusharingan: happy easter (egg) :D dfdfdfdf: hope u had a great easter sis Kami-chan.x3: HAPPY EASTER!! *huggles* Pleiades Rising: There's a Rabbit Inside. Xenesis: Happy Easter to you too! 8DD : Happy Easter ^^ Felix the Cat: Happy Easter! Stocking: Happy Easter~ teapartyprincess: happy easter!!!!! :D piggyback garu: happeh eastuh! : Happy Easter Mira! :D Zennyxchan: happy easter mira mira :3 : Happy Easter~ : ~easter egg for chu~ NeKo MoonShine: Happy Easter!:D Eggy for you~~~ : The cake is a lie.. Cuz it's EASTER!! :D : happy easter!!! :3 Morbid Dollie: Enjoy the chocolate~~ Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter!!! : I dont eat it so you can have mine. :D Immortal Queen: Happy Easter!!!!! reirei18 : hope u had a heartful hearts day.. <3 RayMan87: happy V day <3 : Happy Valentines Day!! (HAI!) dfdfdfdf: same to u nayu-chan morbo86: Happy Valentines day!! :D ashio: Happy Valentine's day :) Amestar: Happy V-Day Mira^^ SRV: Happy Hearts kikkima: happy V-day ^_^ : happy hearts day!! :D teapartyprincess: happy valentine's day ^_^ dreamfairy: Have a Great Day!!!~ ^^ RavenK49: its been ages since ive talked to you :( Ajan 1: Happy New Year : happy new year!!! :D TheDarkAngel: Happy New Years~! kahoko66: Happy New year Mira!! ashio: All the Best for 2011 Otomi Babii: Happy Holidays� (((: SRV: Merry Christmas n a Happy New Year :) 7thEvaChild: merry Christmas, nakama!!! Mikey: Merry Christmas Annie!!! :) TheDarkAngel: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~!!! jimmerlee: MERRY CHRISTMAS ANNIE!!!!! 8D Mr Sword: Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas~! sasusaku 4ever: MIRA! MERRY CHRISTMAS <3 :D reirei18 : happy holidays to u too..~~<3 LoveKouichi: Merry Christmas! //_^ : Happy Holidays~ Umi Yamanaka1296: merry christmas!! wallpaperotaku: be merry and bright this x-mas night! : Happy Holidays~ kahoko66: Merry Christmas to you!!! Morbid Dollie: Hope you have a wonderful day! Morbid Dollie: Merry Christmas! FrozenFlameHearts: Happy Holidays! :D ReiKiba: Merry Christmas and H.New Year! ^-^ ashio: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! TheDarkAngel: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~!!! touketsusharingan: HOHOHO MERRY CHRISTMAS ! 0<:o3 : Merry Christmas from Linku-claus Mira! Blood Mistress : Merry Christmas :D Immortal Queen: Have a very merry Christmas xdaisyx: merrys christmas :D Satina: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ^__^ kikkima: merry Christmas!! kita mikichi: Congrats on your promotion!!! pawprint96: ur so awesome, u can roll boxes :U krizomet: Belated Happy Birthday!! X3 vanieturnip: happy b'day!!sorry if i am late!^^ : Have some ramen on your birthday!!!! X3 Zennyxchan: happy thanksgiving dracoff2007: sorry I missed your birthday Versa Emerge: To Mira our personal welcoming commity~ teapartyprincess: happy belated birthday ^^ WeiQi: Happy Birth day >.< NeKo MoonShine: Happy thanksgiving Mira-chan..:D..ENJOY! star2061: sorry 4 missing your b-day. Happy B-day Bleachic: Happy Belated Birthday, Amigo *^^* kikkima: happy b-day Star-chan!! ^_<* Knowmad: Happy Late Birthday Annie! :D sakurasista: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D : Hi Star! Belated happy birthday! TC! : Sweet Birthday, sweet girl, sweet rose!! dreamfairy: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!~ wallpaperotaku: another year.... another smile! morbo86: Happy Birthday pie ^^ Xenesis: Happy Birthday MIRA 8D RayMan87: happy B day and thnks for all your gifts Linden Rathan: Happy Birthday Miracle~ =D narutoKHfighter: *pies you* happi bday miracle cheese!! Zennyxchan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LoveKouichi: Happy Birthday //.^ touketsusharingan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! : Happy Birthday! ^^ TimeWithoutEnd: happy birthday =) TheDarkAngel: Happeh Birfday~! Make a wish~! :D TenshiHoshino: Happy Birthday Starry! jimmerlee: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D ashio: blow the candles! KrondorianV: Happy B-day!!! ^_^ Versa Emerge: Happy Birthday Mira~~ Immortal Queen: Thank you for entering snow fun! Eiri Yuki s Lover: Thank you for the gift!! ^^ kahoko66: Happy Halloween!!! Kokorojun: Happy Halloween : Happy Halloween! Zennyxchan: Happy halloween!!! ashio: have a spooktastic day! teapartyprincess: happy holloween!!!! kimmy: thanks!!! (o^____^o) : thanks for the b-day present!!! :D Knowmad: For bringing memories with Kikaider! :P kikkima: ^_^ Bleachic: A gift for a new friend! *^^* RavenK49: LOL you send me too many gifts ahaha :) Immortal Queen: Because Cupcakes rule Heartstop: A broom to keep watch over the gift wall TimeWithoutEnd: ~tnx 4 d' sub =) TimeWithoutEnd: woah!! your gallery is awesome..=) : to friendship i guess >.> Morbid Dollie: For the sweet comment!! <3 hackerblackrose: thanks for always fav. my art :3 TheOtakuStaff: Thanks again, Mira ;) kuosuke21292: thanks sorry that i havent been on ChibiGal: thnx hope u had a nice easter like i did kikkima: Thank you for being my friend! ^_^ : Thank you for all the lovely gifts!! :3 100209: happy earth day IchigoKuromaru09: hey star its me thesligirl09 animae: Easter wishes to u too :) Yuri16: Thanks for being a great friend reirei18 : for being so thoughtful..~~<3 *hugs* reirei18 : happy easter too..~~ Eiri Yuki s Lover: Happy Late Easter ^^ And ty 4 the gift! : Happy belated Easter.:D =^w^= kahoko66: Happy Easter to you too! livelymorbid: Happy Easter to you too. Tatsumafangirl411: Happy (late) Easter! =] Ouryu: ^^ Happy Easter krizomet: Belated Happy Easter! X3 shine moonlight: Happy Easter!!!! nikuro: HAPPY EASTER U2!XD touketsusharingan: HAPPY EASTERN MIRA MIRA MIRA :) Satina: belated HAPPY EASTER!! sweetheart Awesome Kid: HAPPY easter Kyubi Elric: Happy Easter sakurasista: happy easter XD TifaLockheart15: HAPPY EASTER OtakuSan85362: HAPPY EASTER TO YOU TOO!!! x3 OtakuSan85362: HAPPY EASTER TO YOU TOO!!! x3 TheDarkAngel: Happy Easter to you~! (>_0) : Happy Easter to you to!!!! saki 1234: happy easter to you also! sasoriofredsand: Happy Easter - Ushio ^^ 1dev13: Happy Easter to you too! ^-^ jimmerlee: HAPPY EASTER!! :D LoveKouichi: Happy Easter! :P greenLeAfe: happy easter^.^ Knowmad: Happy Easter! :D : Awww thank you! you too lilmewpuddin121: HAPPY EASTER!!!! SRI: Happy Easter! :D *breaks an egg on Mira* Mikaru07: Thanks u ur my first subscriber! ChibiGal: thnx for the gift. heres one 4 u!!!!:) 1dev13: Happy St. Patrick's Day! ^-^ Satina: thanks for your wishes ^-^ u are sweet LovelyRisa: MIRA-CHAN~! XD NeKo MoonShine: cOoKiE 4 u!:D i was bored...>v< kita mikichi: You're so nice! ^^ akatsuki15: Happy (late) St. Patricks Day! krizomet: Thanks for the gift and greeting! =D : Hope u had a lucky St.Patty's Day, too!! reirei18 : happy sushi day.. lol jk.. =P shikamaruzgurl: ^_^ Knowmad: Happy St. Patty's Day! � :D OtakuSan85362: For no reason at all, I give you a gift! nikuro: happy St.Patty day U2! BlackRider: Happi St. patrick's day too ^^ : Happy st.Paty's to you too! Sakuse: Happy St. Patrick's Day too. TY :D : Thanks friend TheDarkAngel: Happy St. Patty's Day~! :3 kahoko66: Happy st.patty day to you too! Kyubi Elric: Happy St. Patrick's Day :D Ouryu: Happy St.Patty's Day ^^ livelymorbid: Happy St. Patty's Day to you. Michiyo Shimizu: Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too ^.^ : happy saint pattys day Selene Shri: Happy Clover Day! ^_^ Gero Chan: Happy St. Patty Day to u to! ^_^ firezero: happy st.patty day star Okami13: Happy St. Patricks' Day! ^^ jimmerlee: MIRA!!! HAPPY ST. PATTYS DAY!! :D : you've been pied X3 & Happy St. Patricks NeKo MoonShine: Happy St. Patty's Day!:D no clover.T.T soen: thanks or the gifts...send me a message! ChibiGal: thnx for saying happy vday! same to u :) star2061: thank you :) greenLeAfe: thnx for the bday gift^__________^ RavenK49: sorry for the lateness <3 LazieNinjaFrog: ty for the gift! Heres some aisu for u! Mastahbetahs: you to....even though its kinda late greenLeAfe: happy chinese new yr!!! Cute Smile: happy valentine day <3 SRI: *is hit with arrow* DX Happy Valentines! animae: Belated V-day wishes;) prettykitty319: Happy Belated Valentine's Day! 100209: thanks for the gift star Alicie: Happy V-day Koalalue: Happy Valentines day!(POCKY FOR U) dreamfairy: Happy V-Day!!!!!! krizomet: Belated Happy VD!! X3 nikuro: Happy v-day to you 2:) nikuro: Happy v-day to you 2:) shikamaruzgurl: thx 4 teh gift ^_^ shine moonlight: Happy V-day! ^__^ FaithlessFighter: Thanks Valentine MandaNoel07: Happy Valentines Day!! :) touketsusharingan: CUPID STRIKES BACK :D:D sakurasista: happ v-day!! srypressed entr.acidentaly sakurasista: haha : Happy Vday to you too!!! :D Knowmad: �_�* Happy V-Day Star! :D : Happy Valentines Mira ^^ LilyWhite: Here, a rose for you on Valentine's Day! Japan: happy valentines! ^_~ kahoko66: Happy valentines too : Screw Cupid,Emi coming to get u for VDay SRV: Belated VDay wishes ^^ 1dev13: Happy Valentines Day~ ^-^ ~*Dev-chan*~ jimmerlee: Happy V-Day!! :3 livelymorbid: Happy Valentine's Day to you too. : Happy V-day :] zero guardian: Happy Valentines from Zero-chan! sasoriofredsand: Happy Valentines Day!! reirei18 : happy hearts day too..~~ <3 CV3: Happy Valentines Day !! ^o^ Xenesis: happy vday to you too Mira =D Michiyo Shimizu: b/c you deserve it ;A; happy v-day :'D ~ LGA775: Happy Vday 4 u 2..Hugs..Thank u..^^ VampireBat12: HAPPY V-DAY TO U 2!! <3 u! Kyubi Elric: Happy V-Day :D : Happy valentines day!!! thank you!!!! arcticwulf: Thanks! Happy V-day to youu~ :DD morbo86: Happy Valentines day sasusaku 4ever: Happy V Day to you too <3 Lyrical Mami: Happy Valentines Day! : Thanks for wishing me a happy b-day! :D Koalalue: MERRY VALENTINES DAY STARYU! 100209: heres a pocky bettie: a cookie for u bloody madi: thanzs for the help!!!! ill try my best! LGA775: Thanks for the Fav..Your the best!! ^_^ : Hope you're having a fab new years! ChibiGal: thnks!here is a bowl of ramen to warm up tiffinalya flames: friends? wolfee1005: Happy New Year!!!!!^-^ SRI: Happy New Year!!!! :D bettie: go to my world and read my post plz^^ Koalalue: Aww. THX! MERRY NEW YEAR! Sage of Magic: Happy New Year~! RyuuzakiOwns: HAPPY NEW YEAR :D Black Kiss: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!:DDD lol krizomet: wish u a lucky year 2010!! X3 jimmerlee: Happy New Years!! 1dev13: Thank you for the gift! Happy Holidays! : Happy New Year Mira!!! zero guardian: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Valiant Faerie: Thank you for the gift!!!! OtakuSan85362: OOOOH!!! It's a piggy!!! sakurasista: happy holidays!! : HAPPY BELATED CHRISTMAS? SRI: Merry Christmas!!!! :D CV3: Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Year morbo86: Hope you had a merry christmas *pies* Yuri16: Thanks and Merry Christmas : Happy New Years krizomet: Have a Blessed Yuletide Season! X3 Mint Dash: Merry Christmas and Happy New year tooXD shine moonlight: Merry Alicie: merry Christmas daisuke11: Merry Christmas!! greenLeAfe: merry xmas!!!!!!!!!!!! : Merry Christmas Mira! livelymorbid: Happy Christamas to you as well. : MERRY CHRISTMAS too!! Support KIRA: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! X3 reirei18 : merry christmas'09 to u too.. *hugs* TheDarkAngel: Happy Holidays! Thx 4 bein awesome! : Thnx!^^ Merry x-mas to you!! inufluffy12: Merry Christmas! HelloKatty: Merry Christmas & a happy new year!! <3 SRI: Merry Christmas!!!! *gives a Chiken* ShadowLight: Merry Christmas!!!~ : Merry Christmas!!!!XD SRI: Merry Cristmas!!!! *gives a Chiken* : Merry X-Mas STAR!!!!!!!! MandaNoel07: Merry Christmas dear. :) arcticwulf: Merry Christmas! : Merry Christmas to you too! sasusaku 4ever: Merry Christmas! Have great holidays ^^ Puppet Mistress: Merry Christmas to you too! Okami13: Merry Christmas! LunaInverse: MERRY X-MAS and Happy New Year :3 TenshiHoshino: Merry X-mas Starry! jimmerlee: MERRY CHIRSTMAS!! *glomps back* touketsusharingan: merry christmas mira mira mira < :o3 gm3rFaN: ur a good friend wolfgirl301244: Happy Belated Bitrhday!! dreamfairy: happy birthday!!!!!!! : Belated Happy Birthday!! :) EclipseDragon: Birthday Pie!!! :D RickHunter33: Happy Birthday ^^ ashio: Happy birthday Tatsumafangirl411: Happy B-Day, friend!^^ ligth: srry i missied ur b-day ;( RavenK49: happy birthday, scorpio. sakurasista: happy blated b-day!! XD *hugs* Knowmad: Happy 21st! Hope you have a great one :) Kikyouchanx: Happy Birthday!!! morbo86: Happy Birthday Mira!! its a piggy!! ^^ MandaNoel07: Happy 21st B-day! Don't party too hard! TenshiHoshino: Have a Great Birthday! daisuke11: Happy Birthday Mira! JackE034: Happy Birthday Mira :D shine moonlight: Happy Birthday!!! ^_^ TheDarkAngel: Happeh Birfday! star2061: SRI: Happy B-day Mira!!! *b-day glomps* star2061: Happy B-day Mira!!!!! Have a awsome day! touketsusharingan: happy BIRTHDAY mira mira mira :D ShadowLight: Happy Birthday! <3 babygurl24: I gives you a cookie :3 Mint Dash: thanks for the gift!I hope you like it! daisuke11: glad to have met you napalmwolf: thanks for bein there for me shine moonlight: shine moonlight: hi! have a nce day! TheDarkAngel: Thanks for the luv! I'll be more careful xNotUnderstood: for being my new friend.thank you! wolfee1005: Thank you. >_< wolfee1005: Thanks for your kindness. >_< Tatsumafangirl411: Here's 1 of ur contest prizes!^^ Tatsumafangirl411: Thanx for the comments^ ^
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