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Gifts : sorry i missed your bday :( Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Firezero!! Hevn: Happy B-day!!!^_^ Larxy The Strange: Happy birthday!!! Allie Elric: Happy birthday! DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! :D fuko chan: Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! kitabug69: Happy Birthday my friend... Allie Elric: Happy late birthday! fuko chan: happy birthday!!!!! gdaneqa: happy birthday :) Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Firezero!! cherrygirl373able: Happy birthday!! : happy bday! Thx 4 subscribing! Larxy The Strange: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! XP Zuzu Uchiha: cuz i haven't been around =w="sorry dude EmiTan5: here is a Ice Cream Cone ^_^ kahoko66: Merry Christmas! ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you~! :D nimbusoak: thanks for the sub! mizuka217: chat soon ^^ xXShayde WolfXx: Hoard Them Candies! Kill If Needed >:3!! : thanks for being there for me Moka: I shot big brother!! WITH THIS ARROW. Moka: Sorry your little sis hasn't been on oAo ItachiSasuke: Random gift~ Because you're amazing! :D omnia1: If things were rosy all the time, 12kisa12: Happy late Birthday! Angel Satina: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!!  :3 "hugs" apple pai: Happy Birthday sensei! sorry 4 da late ! pandaman08: Happy Birthday and Easter day!!! XD fuko chan: happy b-day, have a ramen!!!:) AmberTears: Happy Easter!!! teapartyprincess: happy birthday~ ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D shine moonlight: Happy Birthday!  ^_^ Kazamas-Keyblade: Haps 2 U Moka: back atcha. happy birthday! Spectre: HAPPY B-DAY BRO :D : a bday cuppycake for you! happy bday! mia sweet: happy birthday brother umchan649: Happy birthday!! ^^ ashio: Happy B-day! Hope u enjoy the cake! :) : happy birthday!!! luicifers wife: Happy Bday! and manny more :D Hikari777Yami: happy birthday!!^^ Moka: happy easter! : Happy Easter!!! God Bless You!!! Moka: i give u pie as an early bd present IJNeptune: Thanks a lot for the sub :) superstarpanou: Congrats on being Otaku Eternal, Fzero~! Moka: thanks for helping me out today brother Moka: an extra brick for the dojo XDDDDDDDDDDD Zuzu Uchiha: Thanks for being a great master Zuzu Uchiha: Thanks for being a great master Moka: a gift for my big brother Angel Satina: Happy V-day to you !! :* Awesome Kid: happy Valentines day teapartyprincess: happy valentine's day :D 12kisa12: thanks for being my friend neogeneva01: thanks for the sub!! Moka: didn get to ty 4 helpin me on theO chat : Thanks for the sub :D TheDarkAngel: Thanks for the sub~! Let's be friends~! PandoraxHearts: Thanks for subscribing! : Happy Holidays~! :D kahoko66: Merry Christmas!!! mangalover567: XD ashio: Have a spook-tastic Halloween xD kahoko66: Happy halloween!!! 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A cookie for you~~! : HAHA PANDA BEAR HotRamen2Go009: Thanks for putting up with me! kahoko66: Happy Easter!! kakashi fangirl 1: Happy Easter ventus101: Thanks for subscribing :) Miracle Star19: HAPPEH EASTER DAY!!! :3 apple pai: Sorry sensei i have missed ur bday!!^^ : happy easter!!! :3 fierystarlight: :) sakurasista: belated happy bday! ^W^ Amestar: Happy Birthday :) teapartyprincess: happy birthday brother ^^ ashio: Open it, it's a surprise :D sasusaku 4ever: Happy Birthday :) Quiet Noise: for my newest subscriber...a cupcake^^ kakashi fangirl 1: happy Valentine's day ^_^ Kaagemusha: Happy Valentines Day! : happy hearts day!! :D teapartyprincess: happy valentine's day ^_^ : happy new year!!! :D SarahPatricia: May 2011 be a wondrous year! ashio: All the best for the New Year!! :) Miracle Star19: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D kahoko66: Merry Christmas!!! ashio: merry CHRISTMAS! :) : Merry Christmas from Linku-claus Zero! touketsusharingan: HOHOHO MERRY CHRISTMAS ! 0<:o3 kahoko66: Happy halloween!!! Kokorojun: Happy Halloween teapartyprincess: happy holloween ^^ : Thanks for the sub ^_^ IchigoKuromaru09: hey bro how are you doing~ichi aka sis : thanks for your help stinamuffin: thanks for the sub :D TimeWithoutEnd: tnx 4 d  sub =) FrozenRoze: Thank you for subbing me =D : belated happy birthday! :) : Happy birthday!! Anime Fan 231: Happy birthday dad!! : happy b-day! :P : happy b day Angel: happy b-day zero ^_^ IchigoKuromaru09: Happy Birthday Bro Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZERO!!! =D Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZERO!!! =D hitori mitsuki: happy birthday!!! here's a gift! ^^ akatsuki15: Happy Birthday! : happy birthday dad ~ chee sasusaku 4ever: Happy Bday, here you got a cookie :D : ~~Happy Birthday Takeo~~ IchigoKuromaru09: hey bro : I hope u had a great day back in college Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 : Happy Easter hun, I love u ~ Rukia LovelyRisa: Sup, daddio? Lol, see you around. Sakuse: Happy St. Patrick's Day Miracle Star19: Happy St. Patty Day =3 : I love u Takeo-kun ~Neko serenityxx: I will miss you!!! Good luck!!!!!!!! x hanawa: M cleanin up d mess. So we r stil frens? terra 96: love GANDUM!!!! : Happy V-day and have fun ;P Miracle Star19: *Cupid strikes* HAPPY V-DAY!!! X3 ashio: from me to you... : Thank you zero ;D ZeldaChan: thanks for the epic battle gdaneqa: happy new year n smile!! :) : happy holidays! ^_^ ReiKiba: smile always in 2010! ^^ : Happy New Year from Mikey XD Miracle Star19: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!:DDD Okami13: Merry Christmas! kahoko66: Merry christmas to you!!! touketsusharingan: merry christmas :D < :o3 Angel: merry christmas zero LilyWhite: TEH PPL WHO HELPED OUT ON TEH RECORD!!!! : a cookie for being nice ^^ : happy birthday
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