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Gifts wallpaperotaku: Happy Birthday! yuko9kost: Happy Birthday!>.< Markus Creed: Happy Birthday Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!!! reichiinya: Happy Valentine's Day! wallpaperotaku: happy birthday!!!!!! 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =^D LightFykki: Happy birthday~!!      ^___^ teapartyprincess: happy birthday ^^ teapartyprincess: happy birthday ^^ Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!!!! shellshell56: happy bday!! reichiinya: Happy New Year! LightFykki: Here is one of your my friend!! ^__^ : :D : You're welcome :D : Hehe thank you! You are too :) : 'Cause you're just that sweet! � Hanako Sho: thankies, chibi-chan ^_^ Hanako Sho: always welcome, dear >w< Hanako Sho: Aww~~ >w< you're my cutie :3 teapartyprincess: so are you ^_^ Hanako Sho: Aww~~ >w< you're my cutie :3 teapartyprincess: happy Valentine's day Sarasface: Happy birthday! 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! LightFykki: Happy birthday!!! Have a great one, Kiki wallpaperotaku: It's your b-day! Hope it's wonderful! teapartyprincess: happy birthday!!!! Gravity4Ever: Happy Birthday to ~YOU~!Hope it rocks!<3 Sarasface: you're welcome! Sarasface: Random gift time! Enjoy! 21Emmz12: CONGRATS ON THE PROMOTION~!! =^D Hanako Sho: Congrats on the promotion!!! ^^ Hevn: Thank youu!!! :) Hanako Sho: Waa~~ Your avi is just super-cute!  :3 21Emmz12: RANDOM GIFT! =^D : thanks for being my chibi <3 JanetChan: Bear!!!!!!! >_< ��� JanetChan: Kima JanetChan: Meh JanetChan: To JanetChan: Sweet JanetChan: So JanetChan: Your JanetChan: Gifts! >_< � JanetChan: The JanetChan: For JanetChan: You JanetChan: Thank izsah: Thanks for the rabbit! Belated Easter! swizzledhazelnut: HAPPY EASRE yuna2008: srry 4 bein late, but... HAPPY EASTER ^_ JanetChan: Awes, thank you sho much, Kima-bear! �� reichiinya: Happy Easter to you too! akatsuki15: Happy Eas ShiningHime: Ahh Thank you so much for the sub! > u < ShiningHime: Happy Easter Kikki! :DDD Tayeta: Thanks!! Happy Easter to you too!!!!^__^ wallpaperotaku: happy eating... and easter too! NeKo MoonShine: Happy Easter.^-^ tis an eggy for you.owo Gravity4Ever: Happy happy happy Easter!!!:) : Happy Easter! ^_^ Yammi chan: Happy Easter, Kikki-chan  =^___~= ashio: Happy Easter!!! ^^ JanetChan: HAPPEH EASTER, DAUGHTER!! >_< Felcie: Happy Easter !! x) TwinkLes: Happy Easter!  Have a peep XD mike2319: Happy Easter! Have some chocolate :D fma17: Happy Easter! :) AlexaClyne: Happy Easter Kikki-chan!! fma17: Thanks for all your support+sweetness :) Support KIRA: A Panda for you <3 JanetChan: Your too cute my awesome panda bear! ERZASCARLIT: thank u my friend JanetChan: For my cute panda! ^_^ � swizzledhazelnut: Panda Bear, party invite X3 Tayeta: Hi!!!))) ERZASCARLIT: thank u very much. study hard yuna2008: thanks 4 all the help ^_^ JanetChan: Why thank you daughter/kid! ^ ^ zzppo: thx friend! Tayeta: for my friend)))) ^___^ Support KIRA: Happy Valentine's Day! ^^ Gravity4Ever: ~~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!!^^ ~~~ Tayeta: Thank)) happy!!!))) Timcanpy14: Happy Valentine's Day~ yuna2008: happy v-day ^_~ starwing12: ^_^ Happy Valentine's day ~_^ you too! Kc Inoue: Happy Valentines Day to you tooooooooo! JanetChan: Thankies! Happy Valentines Day 2 U 2! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH V-DAY!!! :D ashio: Happy Valentine's day to you too ^^ LightFykki: Happy Valentine's day to you too! :D xdaisyx: <3 you lol :D Yammi chan: Happy Valentine's day ! ^^ akatsuki15: Happy Valentine's Day teapartyprincess: happy valentine's day 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D zzppo: happy b-day Gravity4Ever: ~ Happy Birthday!!!Hope it rocks!^^ ~ teapartyprincess: happy birthday ^_^ TwinkLes: happy birthday :) Bag the ninja: happy b-day Timcanpy14: Have a wonderful birthday~ ^^ reichiinya: Happy Birthday! JanetChan: Happy Birthday my Awesome Friend! ^ ^ Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRFDAY!!! :D starwing12: ^_~ Happy Birthday ^_^ Hevn: Happy Birthday, Kikki!^_^ have a cake :3 Bleachic: Happy B-day :3 Markus Creed: Happy Birthday!!! LightFykki: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! KrondorianV: Happy Bday.I'll make u a card when I can Support KIRA: Happy Birthday Kikki-chan!!! <3 LightFykki: Thank you!^^ Support KIRA: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! <3 Miracle Star19: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D yuna2008: merry christmas ^_^ KrondorianV: Merry X-mass and  a Happy New Year!!! Hevn: Thx!^_^ *hugs* Merry Christmas to you!!! zzppo: Happy Holidays! ashio: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Gravity4Ever: and here is your christmas present!!!!!! Gravity4Ever: ho ho HO Merry Christmas!!!!!^^ Yuri16: Merry Christmas NeKo MoonShine: merry x-mas to you too.^^ hope its awsum saki 1234: Happy Holidays! Felcie: Merry X-mas 2 u too ;) kisskiss-bangbang: merry holidays as well! livelymorbid: Merry Christmas to you as well. akatsuki15: Merry Christmas! teapartyprincess: merry christmas ^_^ AlexaClyne: Trick or Treat~! Happy Halloween!! :D teapartyprincess: happy holloween ^^ KrondorianV: thanks for entering my challenge! Gravity4Ever: cuz you are amazing!!!^^ : ^_^ ashio: your welcome^^ Bleachic: Thanks!  Hope we can be friends too! : Hi! : Hello there! ^-^ Clyne Lacus: Thank you for the birthday wish! <3 Gravity4Ever: a little gift for a great artist!^^ 1dev13: Thank you for all the nice comments! ^-^ 1dev13: Thank you for all the nice comments! ^-^ : I hope we can be friends RimaUmiToya: ^^ Hevn: Aw,it's no prob ^_^ thanks for sub back! RimaUmiToya: For being my best friend on theO! ^^ Akia Aoi: Thanks for the gift ^^ grueny: Thank you too X3 *you are so nice =D* : Thanks for being my friend too!(>^w^)> kobashi: ty and yu are a great friend as well ^^ wallpaperotaku: Heyy! sup>_< chat through gifts! Whoot! KrondorianV: thanks for being my friend too ^^ sasoriofredsand: HI! :D yuko9kost: ^___^ Felcie: Thanks for being a so kind friend <33 : For your hard effort making the ecard IchigoKuromaru09: hi RimaUmiToya: This is for you, my friend! : This is for your great contest entry. Gravity4Ever: Thank you very much ^w^ : Happy Valentines Day My Dear... KitKatKitty: Congrats on the promotion! : happy birthday : Happy Belated Birthday. narutoKHfighter: happi strawbirthday xD Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^ Support KIRA: Happy B-day Panda!! Hugs!!! : Happy New year !!! >_< Support KIRA: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! X3 : Merry Christmas !!!!!! killua2512: Merry Xmas to you!!
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