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Hey there everyone!

My last challenge just ended but here I am again. What I wish for those who enter to draw? One or more characters with a mask. It han be a bleach-mask, venecian-styled, Fox-masks, a msak like the one the Phantom of the opera is wearing etc. Doesn´t neccessarily need to be worn, can be hold in the hand, too.


- there must be a mask within your artwok
- Keep the rules of TheO in mind
- Color is no must but would be nice
- be creative and have fun

You have three months so you can go all out there (if you want and have the time, that is).

As for prizes I will contact the winners (and runner-ups) to ask what they would like to get, while the first gets three, the other two two fanarts of their chosing.

I hope to see you here^^

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Who is the man behind the mask? ~moonlight maiden
Maschere Veneziane ~Groovy Boar
Silver Mask ~Dianote
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