moonlight maiden Bring out your dead OC's

Time to dig deep into those old deviant art folders.

Remember that oc you made way back in middle/high school. The one that's never before seen the light of day. The OC that you hid away so that no one will ever know they exist. The OC that after you die, your most trusted best friend will burn for you.

I want you to draw that oc for this challenge. Give me your self-insert mary-sues. Give me your edgiest emo version of a character. Give me your worst expy you've ever thought up.

I want you to draw your old original character that you are embarrassed to have even conceived.

Any medium is fine.
Colored in or black and white.
Include a small back story in the about this piece section. If you have it written in a fanfiction, just put a passage describing them.

I'll be judging based on how much I feel second-hand embrassment.

1st place winner gets a drawing of whatever you want, fully inked and colored in water-color pencils. And if you live in the continental US, I will even ship it to you if you'd like.

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Max Norinko ~AnimeGanja2
Princess Kikuyo RE-DRAW ~Touzkue
My trainwrecks "trainers" ~SmallxLady
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