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Gifts jenuchiha: surprise gift from someone who <3s you~ Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Chero-san!! DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! I hope it's awesome~ Sakaira: happy birthday Sakaira: Happy birthday LoveKouichi: Have a cookie~ LoveKouichi: Happy Birthday, Che-neko~ : Happy birthday!!!! ^^ Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Chero-san!! DeathSeraph: Happy late Birthday~I hope it was great! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Chero-san! LoveKouichi: *buries in Birthday cookies* LoveKouichi: Happy Birthday~! LoveKouichi: To our dearest Neko-mage~ Sakaira: Happy birthday : Happy Easter~!!! ^^ : I'm so sorry.... Bleachic: Happy Valentine's Day, Chero :) : Happy Valentine's Day!! DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! ^^ silvershriek: Happy Birthday! :DDD Sakaira: Happy birthday kitabug69: Happy Birthday my friend... (: Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday MewChero-san!! LGA775: Aww thank you as well^^ Neko Mixer: thank you for the warm welcome back ! LightFykki: Happy Valentine's day Chero-chan!  ^-^ Bleachic: Happy Valentine's Day <3 Bleachic: Merry Christmas!!!~X<333 Hyper Vampp Boi: Merry Christmas! ^^ LightFykki: Happy birthday~! ^_^ Kaagemusha: Happy birthday!! : Happy Birthday, Chero~!!!!!!!! <3 ^^ Kami-chan.x3: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAHLING! XD Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) kitabug69: Happy Birthday... (: fuko chan: happy birthday!!!!! : Happy Birthday! Have a Nice one! ^^ Hyper Vampp Boi: Happy happy birthday~! *0* Bleachic: Happy Halloween Chero~X<3 kitabug69: Thanks for your participation... Kami-chan.x3: A banana for you. lol. random. XD *hugs* dattebaneyo: Muhahah. Happy Valentine's. 8D omnia1: Happy Valentines Day fellow writer ^_^ : Happy Valentine's Day, Chero~<3 Bleachic: Happy Valentine's Day, Chero <3 Sukikisu: Happy Valentine's Day! Immortal Queen: Happy Valentines day chero!!!! <3333 kitabug69: 2012 TheO Story Writer KiKaiya: Merry Christmas!!! Hope you had fun ^^ : Merry Christmas, Chero!!! Deaths Strawberry: Happy Birthday Sukikisu: HAPPY B-DAY~ 8D : Happy Birthday, Chero!!!!!!! LightFykki: Have a great and happy birthday!! ^____^ Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) inufluffy12: Happy Birthday <3 Love the amazing brick Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday!! XD Support KIRA: Happy Birthday! A Dino-worthy whip! *w* sakurasista: HEY YOU. YES YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY <33 : Happy Thanksgiving~!! :D KiKaiya: Happy Halloween!! Have fun! Takuma Ichijou: Halloween shaped cookies for winning tiggerola: For the awesome MMD Wallie! : Thanks for subbing to me! ^_^ : :) LightFykki: Thanks, and here is a cookie my friend sasoriofredsand: Bunny? :3 Lunar Oblivion: Soup to help you through the cold kobato chii: Arigato...^ ^ SaiKat: Happy V-day ^w^ LoveKouichi: Cookie Monster ain't got NOTHING on you Support KIRA: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! <3 LoveKouichi: Merry Christmas! //_^ harvestmoonluvr: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <3 Vongola Decimo: Happy birthday Chero. sakurasista: happy birthday~!:D LoveKouichi: Happy ACTUAL Birthday! *box of cookies* Bag the ninja: happy b-day sasoriofredsand: Happy B-day Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) harvestmoonluvr: Happy Birthday, Chero-chan! RYOH SNACKS! SaiKat: Happy Birthday! :D FUNimation: Thank you for being a wonderful friend!~ harvestmoonluvr: Thankful for you this Thanksgiving :D Cavallone X: A sweet gift for a sweet girl! LoveKouichi: Believe in the me that believes in you! Wielder of Light: Congrats Chero-chan! LoveKouichi: Just avoid strangers now Chero //.^; KeybladeMewKasa: Merry Christmas~! :D FUNimation: MERRY CHRISTMAS!<3 harvestmoonluvr: *chucks at ya* >3< Merry Christmas! MewMelon: Chero!! my partner-in-crime. MewMelon: you never seize to amaze me x3 harvestmoonluvr: i luff youuu~! xD Thanks for everything! KeybladeMewKasa: For being there from the start~! =D
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