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Gifts DeathSeraph: Happy late Birthday!I hope it was great~ DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have an awesome day~! Bleachic: Happy Valentine's Day, Bacon<3333 Bleachic: Merry Christmas!!! <3 ReiKiba: Happy belated birthday! >w< DeathSeraph: Happy (late) Birthday! XD :3 Support KIRA: Happy Birthday Lovely <333 Bleachic: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BACON!!! <33333 Bleachic: Happy Valentine's Day, Bacon~X<333 Bleachic: Merry Christmas!!!~X<333 xXShayde WolfXx: Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day :3 Naomi Bear: Merii Kurisumasu Luca and Arc! � Estelle Naomi Bear: Merry Christmas, Sai-chan!! :D � Nae Bleachic: HAPPY HALLOWEEN, BACON!!!~X<3333 xXShayde WolfXx: Hoard Them Candies! Kill If Needed >:3!! BlackWingGeneral: Wanna share? *grins* Deaths Strawberry: Happy Belated Birthday Bleachic: BACON! SMILE! because Chrysta luvs ya!<3 2otaku2: !!!YADHTRIB YPPAH BlackWingGeneral: Happy birthday, my love Bleachic: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BACON!!! ~X<3333 PuppetMaster3042: Happy birthday, dear. vdr-07: HAPPY B-DAY KAT!!! :D toyotami kun: HaPpY BiRtTdAy!!! superstarpanou: Happy, happy birthday to you! Enjoy 2day DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday!! Have an awesome day! :D clueless101: HappyBIRTHDAY!!!!!! Elix3r: Have a greay day beautiful! Elix3r: Kat! Elix3r: Darling Elix3r: My Elix3r: Birthday Elix3r: Happy Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!!! Support KIRA: For being a winner in: Nighttime Fancy~ Bleachic: Happy Valentines Day, Kat!!!! Kitty K.O.: Happeh V-Day, yo =3 Eneko: Happy Valentine's day!! Love ya Kat :3 Rein Akira: Happy Valentines Day Kathy~<3 Silver Darkness: Merry Christmas, my Princess Artgrrl: MERRY X-MAS!!!! =D Otomi Babii: Merry Christmas � -Nellie :3 : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D Kitty K.O.: What's Halloween without pie? X3 Otomi Babii: HAPPY HALLOWEEN� -Nellie ^__^ Support KIRA: YOU ARE LEGEND *v* Otomi Babii: Can we eat this together? ;) -Lupe Otomi Babii: Here. For the ramen I wasted.. -Lupe :) Paulini: Happy birthday ^^. TheDarkAngel: Happeh Birfday~! Make a wish~! :D Support KIRA: Someone's..I mean, A heart on your bday~ Silver Darkness: A rose for my flower *smiles* lunastarz: Happy Birthday! *hugs and purrs* vdr-07: Feliz cumpleaños!!! :ppppp chocolatemud: Happy Birthday!! 2otaku2: Happy Happy Birthay to You! Team Plasma N: Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! :) AIloveAkuma: Happy Birthday!!! :D superstarpanou: Happy Bday to such a talented artist~ ^^ Artgrrl: Happy Birthday! � XxAznSkillZXx: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!<3Have a great one buddy! : Happy Birthday! Have a nice one! ^_^ Eneko: HAPPY BURFDAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! <3 Eneko ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! C; ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! C; Elix3r: Happy Birthday!!! krizomet: thanks for the b-day greeting! X3 Kitty K.O.: Have A Very Hoppy Easter! XD Kasbaarg: Happy Easter krokun: Thanks kat-chan! *glomps* wuvs yaaaa! : The cake is a lie.. Cuz it's EASTER!! :D ReiKiba: Happy Easter! :D Love Breaks: Merry Easter! You still color eggs, yes? ecnelisterger: Happy Easter~ :) winterlionheart: cause you are to nice! winterlionheart: for being so nice Morbid Dollie: Here's to you, my lovely friend~ <3 ReiKiba: Thanks for entering the challenge! xD ecnelisterger: Star Wars Guidebook. xD Support KIRA: Health Potion to make you BETTER! : congrats! you got 2nd <3 Support KIRA: St Valentine's Day...PUMPKIN!! 8D krokun: *glomps* aww. haha but thanks ma friend! krokun: thanks! but my bday is on september..^^' Kc Inoue: Happy Valentines day~! animelover7310: Shupple: *hands gift* Happy V-Day, Arc.. Artgrrl: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 ReiKiba: Happy Valentine's Day! :D ReiKiba: Happy Valentine's Day! :D Silver Darkness: Happy Valentine's Day, my Princess aminesick: Happy new years!! =D ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D Support KIRA: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! <3 : Happy Holidays!!! Artgrrl: Merry Christmas! ^_^ animelover7310: Merry Christmas, Arc! :) -From Shupple ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! krizomet: very belated happy birthday!! ^^ PaperPilot726: Happy b-day [-smiles-] Love Breaks: Don't throw bricks regardless of housing vdr-07: Happy b-day :D KingofRavens: Happy Birthday *smiles* CipherPol: happy birthday :3 1dev13: Happy Birthday! I hope it's awesome! ^-^ Support KIRA: Gift~ I won't ask what you use it for >> wh2000: Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Paulini: Happy birthday! ^^ Rein Akira: For Kuro-kun because he loves berries! : Here. -//- krizomet: wish u a lucky year 2010!! X3 XxI wuv PockyxX: I cudn't get a thong guy so here's a pig izsah: Happy New Year to you! n_n vdr-07: Para una gran artista! X3 SojiRem: Merry Christmas! Paulini: Heya! Happy b'day 09! :D vdr-07: happy b-day!! X3 Rein Akira: Happy Birthday!! TrinityLight: thanks for everything :D Cute Smile: you are so cute XxI wuv PockyxX: Heh.......Don't look out ur window nao.. XxI wuv PockyxX: Happpeh Halloween! XD Here's a brick :3 RetoopyriaH: u smell like strawberries... ; )
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