nikkeh09 Winter Outfit Cuties ^^

Oh Man Oh Man!!!
It's cold weather which means scarfs and gloves and hot chocolate and fires!!!!
Lets just say I really enjoy this time of year ha ha (Even thought it's still fall)

For this challenge I want you to draw an oc or even an anime/manga character getting cozy for winter. You can just put them in a snazzy outfit or maybe sitting by a fire rocking a scarf. They can even be dressed up as an elf or wearing cute candy cane theme pjs. It's up to you! I just want to see them looking good!!!! <3 In short design a cool new look for the character in a winter get up.

You can enter as many times as you want but only one will win
does not have to be colored and no back ground necessary
Please don't used lined paper

1st prize will receive one fan art with a background and two sketches
2nd prize will receive one fan art with a background and one sketch
3rd prize will receive one fan art with a background

Runner Up Prize may be given out (I will decide then)

I look forward to seeing everyone's posts (:

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Ciel and Alois ~Psychopaula
Ho Ho Ho ~Shimozuku20
Bundled up ~WildGirl1977
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