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RAWR! One word: iGenius. lol I finally posted this one. Yeah. I know. It's kinda retarded looking but whatever. JOIN OR ELSE SASORI SHALL SHANK YOU! HE KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE!

Inside the little bubbles at the top from left to right:

Sakura Haruno: Chiyo-baasama? Why didn't you make sure he was dead?
Chiyo-baasama: I'm not alive anymore so it's not my fault.
MinatoNamikaze: Whoa. that's not a happy camper right there. Why'd your father have to kill the parents of a crazy puppet freak?
Kakashi Hatake: I dunno but we'd better get out fast.
Me: Sasori is cute even when he's gone nuts.
Random people: I betcha she's gone crazy too...-_-;

Sasori now has new puppets. Oompaloompa puppets! Wooh! Now even if he doesn't shank you his oompaloompa puppets will eat you and whatever remains will be turned into wonderful pixie stix! Yes. You may even be eating the grounded up pixie stix remains of someone you once knew....jk Actually that would be kinda cool.
So whaddya think eh? Epic win or epic fail?

Also if you can PLEASE JOIN MY POKEMON CONTEST!! I really want a lot of entrants! Just go into my portfolio. Look under the world's section. Click on the one that says Saku-chan's Contest(s) and voila! There's all the info there and stuff. Okay. And as always, PLEASE HUG/COMMENT! KUDASAI!! Much appreciated. Arigato and jaa ne!

If you're wondering why I made this pic it's cause....making crack pics are funny.

Naruto Fan Art
aka, chiyo, club, deidara, haruno, hatake, hiratori, kakashi, lunalei, minato, namikaze, ninja, oompaloompas, pixie stix, puppets, random, sakura, sasori, shank, suna, supersaiyanjounin, yondaime
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