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Cupcake Warrior King
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the bossman cupcake -- the wisest of the wise, the strongest of the strong, the best of the best -- the undisputed lord of all cupcakes.
the bossman cupcake is a veteran of many battles - and his golden sword bears scars to prove it. he has witnessed many a companion fall on the battlefield, yet he always remained standing tall. he wears no armour, for he does not need it - instead he wears only his cape and a dragon's eye over his chest, a mighty dragon which he single-handedly defeated. he was never crowned king for his heritage - he was chosen to rule as king for his amazing strength, wisdom, and leadership.


drawing bossman cupcake as a warrior king was so much fun~! i'm glad i finally got a chance to have fun with the paint. :3 anyways, good luck to everybody who's entered in the contest so far! i can't wait to see who wins. :D

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