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Gifts Moka: sorry XC have some sushi Michiyo Shimizu: Happy valentine's day, foofers :V Michiyo Shimizu: Happy holidays, foofers ~ |D � Shishou: To old times! :3 Zeit: Happy Birthday twilight samurai: Happy Belated Birthday! ^^; Raina: Happy Birthday! (^w^)/ Angel Zakuro: Happy birthday!! :D teapartyprincess: happy birthday! :3 TimeChaser: Happy Birthday, buddy. :) : :) moletta: Happy Zombie Jesus Day! teapartyprincess: happy valentines day ^_^ Raina: I got you good luck! =D teapartyprincess: happy holloween! ^^ Miss Anonymous: Birthday pie for the birthday boy~ Linden Rathan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIKO! noirassasin: happy birthday! :D Raina: Happy Birthday!!!!! >8D 1dev13: Happy Birthday! I hope it's awesome! ^-^ Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIKO!!! =3 samuraigirl122: hey just wanted to say happy b-day! =3 Angel Zakuro: happy b-day! :] Furry-Chibi: Happy Birthday Hikooooo~ ! :D ^_^ Nehszriah: Have a cool birthday, Hiko-kun! TenshiHoshino: Happy Birthday! Have a good one. AnimeArchAngel: Happy birthday Hiko, you goof. x3 teapartyprincess: happy birthday!!!!! ^-^ Haxelo: Happy Birthday!! teapartyprincess: i hope to see you around too^^ Japan: happy valentines! ^_~ Raina: You need V-day love =3 *hugs* Miss Anonymous: More brushes for Photoshop! Happy V-day~ Miracle Star19: *Cupid strikes* HAPPY V-DAY!!! X3 : So you'll have all the animals! XD : Love your wallpapers! :) MewMew: ice cream, to add to the coldness ofmich tiggerola: Have a Merry Christmas! :3 somegirl: <3! somegirl: There's unlimited so i'll give you this2 somegirl: KINKOS merry merry chirmstasss! <3 MewMew: merry christmas you foof :3 Clyne Lacus: Happy blimpday! You're a good artist :3 : Congrats on being born | Happy Birthday Keome: Happy birthday Hiko! Enjoy your cake^^ Linden Rathan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIKO~ Kimmeh: STGO HIKO HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  :3 TimeChaser: Happy B-day, Mr. Foof. 8D kittens 3: Happy birthday Hikooo. :o yookie122: Happy Birthday! Raina: You're growing up so quickly. ;_; lol Nehszriah: Happy Birthday! Have a cookie! :D Shishou: A box to store the bricks. Happy b-day! AnimeArchAngel: Happy Birthday Hiko! :3 twilight samurai: Happy Birthday! (You get enuff bricks!) Michiyo Shimizu: Use this for future abuse! Hapi b-day 8D Michiyo Shimizu: Threaten, slice, kill MSN with it 8D MewMew: bunneh for u :D! : BRICKY FOOFY noirassasin: My condolences 4 U & what has happened ChibiSasuke: WEEEEE! Merry Christmas! : I don't think you have enough bricks. ;P Kimmeh: BECAUSE YOU NEED THIS MORE THAN ME. Ace: GIGAAAA BRIIICK BREEEEEAAAAAKAAAAAA : *Bricks Hiko* Michiyo Shimizu: NOW you really need that potion ;D : DOHOHOHOHHO Ryo: ಠ_ಠ Why you do this Hiko? XD ಠ_ಠ noirassasin: heres a gift to you. : for being one of my designing buddies! Michiyo Shimizu: U need this whenever you get abused  xD zero guardian: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! ChibiSasuke: Thanks for being my first subscriber! Raina: Thanks for always being there! X3
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