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Gifts TimeChaser: Valentine Kitteh >83 *purr* Michiyo Shimizu: Happy Valentine's Day, Raina ⥠^^ Michiyo Shimizu: i love you :'3 happy holidays ~ LGA775: Happy birthday..^^ Enjoy Roleni-Chan: Happy Birthday! Wish you the best! SunfallE: Birthday sushi for you! *huggles* TimeChaser: Happy Birthday from me and Pond. >83 Dark Phoenix: For being the awesome person you are! Shishou: Sending luck your way. x3 TimeChaser: Ish late, but from the heart. *kisses* Hiko: I got you a pig and a panda! :D Hiko: :D Hiko: Happy birthday!! TimeChaser: Happy Birthday Heart! =83 TimeChaser: Happy Mother's Day from Luna and Me! X3 TimeChaser: Birthday Kitty says "I'm sorry." *hugs* TimeChaser: Kitteh is Love. X3 Shishou: Happy Valetine's. :D innocent heart: I have missed you Sis! :) sbsp13668: Happy belated Birthday! ^.^ Karmira: Happy Birthday! Hope it's full of magic! milkyamazingtown: Happy Birthday ^^ :D TimeChaser: Birthday kitty for Neko-Kouhai! X3 milkyamazingtown: happy11/23/09!!!6 years  since11/23/03^^ Michiyo Shimizu: u need it for daigaku headaches 8D/ lol Dark Phoenix: A flower for my lovable padawan. <3 innocent heart: X3 For my sweet Sis! *hugs* TimeChaser: Happy Valentine for my kouhai. ^^ Michiyo Shimizu: I drew you a flower, raina! 8D *shot*lol Hiko: Thanks for being such a great friend!
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