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Gifts ItachiSasuke: Thank you for the sub! :D SenjutsuMaster986: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ^^ twilight samurai: Happy Belated Birthday! aizome: Happy birthday~!!! *hugs you tight* nightmaya: Happy Birthday Starscream: Happy birthday, you! Moka: Happy Birthday, Jaeeeeee :D : oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! happy birthday! SHINEEstargirl: i think ur name is jae? any way haven't Spectre: happy new year Jae ^_^ Moka: RANDOM BRICKING!!! Kaerlyn: Happy birthday! *u* aizome: Happy Birthday, Jae~!! *hugs you* Moka: happy birthday jaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeee~ vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (=^.^=) fma17: Happy Birthday! 15385bic: Happy birthday 2012 Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!!! Kokorojun: random dedication gift onee-san~ Moka: U JUS GOT BRICKED Michiyo Shimizu: ON THE OTHA HAND, MERRY CHRISTMAS LOL Michiyo Shimizu: -presses your cheeks to make duck face- Razing Phoenix: Merry Christmas~! KyanChan: Hai Jae!!! Pocky from KyanChan ^^ Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* AutumnFalls: Happy Belated Birthday ^_^ sasusaku 4ever: Happy Birthday ^^ Kaerlyn: hope you had a lovely birthday~! Kaerlyn: hope you had a lovely birthday~! RayMan87: Happy B Day Jae sakurasista: Happy birthday Jae~! :D<3 -trish Anime snow girl: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^-^ fallnangel01923: Happy Birthday! DeidaraNarutoClan: Happy Birthday :3 : Happy birthday! ^o^ 15385bic: happy birthday =D : Happy birthday! Have a fun one~!~! <3 : :) yuyufreak: thanks 4 making my day! X) SolemnSerpent: Congrats on the promotion. :) Kami-chan.x3: HAPPY EASTER!! YOU ROCK! *huggles* josephine12cute: Merry Xmas & Happy New Year :)) : Merry Christmas! ^_^ aizome: Fairytale Christmas, Jae-san! ^w^ sakurasista: merry christmas Jae :D aizome: Happy Halloween, Jae-san! ~Aizie& Reita~ cherryblossom243: Happy (belated) birthday! ^^; vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY B-DAY!!!! aizome: Happy  [late] Birthday, Jae-san! ;D Furry-Chibi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AZN LOVER JAE! <3 (>^_^)> xaos: Happy birthday! :3 Nehszriah: Happy birthday! :D reirei18 : Happy Birthday with hugs..~~ *hugs* <3 Ace: Panda for Jae Anime snow girl: May ALL your wishes come TRUE =') ulquigirl: happy-day! XD Saerily: Happy Birthday! twilight samurai: You inspire me so much! Happy Bday! Allamorph: Birthday frozen yogurt!  =0!!! : Happy Birthday! :D Felcie: Happy Sushi Birthday ! >__< RayMan87: Enjoy your B-day Jae! :) Elix3r: Happi Birfday!! 1dev13: Happy Birthday! I hope it's awesome! ^-^ Hanaro Souhi: Thanks for your gift!~ ^_^ *hugs* aizome: Jae, always so amazing! from Ai& MYV ;D : Happy Easter! ^_^ : Happy St. Patrick�s  Day! ^_^ reirei18 : i <3 u.. reirei18 : happy pi day.. <3 : You are in my fail meme :D Japan: happy valentines! ^_~ reirei18 : happy hearts day jae..~~ <3 LGA775: Happy vday.. Hope u enjoy ur gift^^ : Happy Chinese New Year! : Happy Valentine's Day! : Happy Valentines Day! ^_^ reirei18 : coz i miss u..~~ <3 XxDirEnGreyxX666: Jae! I luffs chu! N we nva get to talk! LGA775: Thanks for the comment..Your the best^^ lifes burden: Hey thanks, Happy New Year. lol late : *You rock!* <3 : Some New Years Ramen for you! ^_^ Hiko: MERRY CHRISTMAS(late) aizome: Divine Christmas, Jae-san!~Ai& Reita beloved blood: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! XD : I love your beautiful art work! ^_^ Animatious: BAW lateness~ Happy Holidays! :D reirei18 : lol.. *got bricked* no cheese eh.. =P : paint paint paint : WHATDJA GET FOR XMAS?!?!?!!?! : christmas witch's mode of transportation : happy christmas! : D< CHRISTMAS WITCH!!! hogawd : DELICIOUS BANANA i.luv.kiba: Lol you know that I love you, Jae~! ;o reirei18 : merry christmas'09.. *hugs* =P reirei18 : and gummy bears but theO only got panda~ reirei18 : i cant live without pocky now.. reirei18 : u are the pocky of my life..~~ i.luv.kiba: <- your fail is in there ;D Merry Xmas~! sparkle 078: NEKID JJ IN HERE. HANDLE W/ CARE sparkle 078: Jaejoong is still an alien :P MewMew: HAPPY... AHH WRONG HOLIDAY sparkle 078: THIS SH*T IS B-A-N-A-N-A-S jimmerlee: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! SRV: n this way atm as its Christmas :p SRV: look this way late at night SRV: I m organized usually.. MandaNoel07: Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy it. MandaNoel07: Ever! Ever again! MandaNoel07: I wont talk to anyone. Ever! MewMew: LOL use mah kittehs if anyone annoys u! MewMew: merry christmas jae!!!! <3 sasusaku 4ever: I made a christmas cookie. Enjoy it !! : MERRY CHRISTMAS MewMew: because u sent me glitter XD? : gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble sbsp13668: Happy Belated Birthday! ^.^; : hbday Jae, brick fi bus ppl head wid lol SojiRem: Soji sends cake ;D Allamorph: strawberry yogurt =D : Happy Birthday! ^_^ Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAE!!!!! :D Kimmeh: Happy Birthday! :3 greenLeAfe: happy bday!!! heres a puppy^^ wolf of sorrow: Hope this comes in handy~ Happy B-Day! Mr Sword: Happy Birthday~ Kawaii Socks: Happy Birthday. ^^ ShadowLight: Happy Birthday girl! =D : HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND!!!!!!!! : for your birthday!!! hooray! bffs! The Shirt: He's secretly a martial arts master. =| reirei18 : <-- u have this too.. we are even.. =P : ooh whats in the box?? youll never know! Buffy23: for all the awesome artworks!!!  :p : because of odd fetishes with yunho!!!!! efil4rekac: here's an inspiration for your painting efil4rekac: here's an inspiration for your painting SunfallE: More good luck for smart choices.  ^-~ 7thEvaChild: Thanks for the help yesterday! Cookie? : Just wanted to say Merry Christmas!!!! : Just wanted to say Merry Christmas!!!! TrinityLight: thanks for everything and happy holidays AnimeArchAngel: I missed you! You're such a good friend! MewMew: Here lie the powers to become a vampire RikuisHOT: Thanks for being an awesome friend!! =D : calm down would ya... '_- deadly neko: You are a great friend...Happy Halloween lifes burden: sup SG aka myG here's a flower.. i think : Thanks for the help! A puppy for you! ^^ : A gift to a friend! Shishou: Happy birthday kiddo! Now eat a cupcake! : STRAWBERRY!! Ur fav fruit, Jae-didi!:D 7thEvaChild: Sorry, i cant send pandas. : Thanks for the hug and being my friend. : soboj ostats'ya dol'she
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