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Little Nyarth
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Here's my character for the roleplay World "Pokemon Gijinka Revolution"!

Name: Nyarth
Pokemon: Meowth
Age: 10
Gender: male
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 59 lbs
Held items: soothe bell, poffin case (with poffins and berries)
Attacks: thunder (rarely uses because it tires him out), pay day, bite, fury swipes
Ability: pickup
Personality: easily trusts, but doesn't forget if you are mean to him; isn't self-assured; eager to please, doesn't like to be alone; overall loveable
Likes: hugs, having his ears scratched, having his back scratched, yarn, catnip, warm or comfortable clothing, making people happy, poffins, berries (only pecha, mago, bluk, watmel, kasib, starf, and custap), shiny or jingley objects, sleeping, chasing bug-Pokemon
Dislikes: when people pull his tail (he's protective of his tail), when people don't like him, when people are mad at him, sitrus berries
Fears: bullies/fighting-types
Weaknesses: fighting-types, second-guessing himself, he forgets small things like what he's supposed to be doing, picky eater
Strengths: agile, fast, and flexible, can fit into tight spaces
Outfit: brown short-sleeved shirt with tan long-sleeved shirt underneath which, at the end, is a finger-glove (his sleeve and the glove-part are connected), with cargo pants, no shoes
Looks: he's a bit tall and skinny, shiny silvery-white messy hair, his feet are like cats' feet, the coin-thing is on his forehead, has a distinguishing brown mark on his inner right ankle, has small pointy teeth and one hangs out of his mouth.

Dedicated to Unknown-sama, because I looked at her wonderful anthro drawings to help me draw Nyarth's complicated kitty-feet! Thanks Unknown-sama!<3

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