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Gifts Yours Truly: Merry merry to my shoa love'n sister! : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D superstarpanou: Congrats on getting OTAKU ETERNAL! Yay!! Eneko: *bows* KIRO-SAMAAA I love your art!!!! VivaLaParadise: Keep up your awesome art. Eneko: HAPPY BIRFDAY KIRO-SAMA! <3 Kaerlyn: happy birthday :D TheDarkAngel: Happeh Birfday~! Make a wish~! :D healer94: happy wriggling day!8D LoveKouichi: Have a birthday pie, it's grub-free :P Asenth Therum: Happy Birthday! Keep up the amazing art! AIloveAkuma: Happy Birthday!!! 15385bic: happy bday XD!!!! ur officially OLDER ;P ReiKiba: Happy birthday n have a great day :D Elix3r: Hoppy Birfday!!! Elix3r: Happy Valentines day :) VivaLaParadise: You deserve and honorable mention! VivaLaParadise: thanks for hosting the secret santa! harvestmoonluvr: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <3 Eneko: Merry Christmas, Kiro-sama!! :3 Oasaka45656: Merry Christmas! Keep drawing, k?! ^^ FUNimation: Thank you for being a wonderful friend!~ RSRKingdomStars: Thankful 4 having amazing friends like u icefoxchan: Thankful you're my friend and husbando<3 : *jumps out of box* TO VEGAS! NEKKID TIME Sora Hanaki: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! <3 Eneko: Happy Birthday Kiro-sama! ^~^ smartanimegirl: Kiro-chaaaan~! 8D Happy birthday! ^w^ : Happy Holidays to U~! Pie?... HametsuKuro: tanjobi omedeto!!! : HAPPY BIRTHDAY >:U SaxGirl: Happy birthday!^___^ mewmewpudding: HAPPY V-DAY MY BBY aragorn1014: For being so amazing, Unknown-chan!<3 DixieWings: Happy New Year! 2010! <3 Ryuchu: Merry Christmas Kiro! ^^ Eneko: Merry Christmas, Rumors-sama! ^^ RSRKingdomStars: HUGS! cuz ure fudging awesome >:D ily<3 smartanimegirl: Kiro-chan~!  Happy holidays! ^o^ mewmewpudding: MERII KURISUMASU <3 FUNimation: MERRY CHRISTMAS!<3 harvestmoonluvr: Merry Christmas, Daddy! xDDD (jk~) Elf Of Light: congratz on winning the challenge ! MomoCat819: Thx for helping me out! X] icefoxchan: Sushi cuz I'm weird like that� Ryuchu: ALSO FOR THE TPWRBSSWAARNBYNKTBTNTAABTM! mewmewpudding: BOIFDAY GIIIIIIRL ILU FUNimation: HAPPYB-DAY! ILUILUUUUU smartanimegirl: Happy birthday!!! 8D  Cake 4 YUUU!! ^-^ zero guardian: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Rexikat Rhapsody: Happy Birthday! : Happy Birthday! 8D igneouspiritfeonx: HERE'S THAT CHOCOBO U WANTED (or it was) igneouspiritfeonx: 'B D mewmewpudding: WHAT'S THAT, LASSIE? SHE'S IN DENIAL? ;D : cupcake made with the blood you gave me! smartanimegirl: UNKNOWN-CHAN! Have a cupcake!!! 8D
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