Alchemic Mushroom (Fan Art Portfolio) Natalya

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This is Natalya from my webcomic, Duchess in Dreamland. I absolutely love the lolita fashion. I love bonnets, knee high socks with stocking toppers, rocking horse shoes, and op dresses. I also adore the blackxbrown color scheme. This was my first time drawing rhs, and they aren't that good for my first try....

Natalya is a girl around the age of 15 or 16. In the country of Alva Roshia, she holds the noble statis of a grand duchess. She is very lonely with no friends, and is extremely bored with life. Her bordom, loliness, and desire for adventure cause her to become a manifestation of broken dreams, giving her the ability of Quantum Reality Shifts. This allows her to create a dream-like realm for herself. In this Dreamland she can bend anything to her will, unknowingly. Her desire for adventure creates creatures like fachens, loogaroos, dragons and fairies. Her desire for a friend creates a girl known as Elodie, and a young man named Ivan. Natalya's secret desire for a knight in shining armor drags a darkly dragoon, Alistair, from another country into her world. As Natalya dwells deeper into her dreamland, she can no longer tell fantasy from reality.
Natalya ventures into singing towers, which were the spires of the old cathedrals that were never built. In one of them, a curse is laid upon her, turning her into a wind-up doll. In another, she stumbles across a woman nailed to a cross much like Jesus was. After Natalya frees the woman, she accidently cuts herself on a piece of broken glass. when the women sees Natalya's blood, she seemingly goes crazy and tries to devour her. In yet another singing tower, Natalya meets Elodie.

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alchemic mushroom, black, bonnet, broach, brown, buttons, classic, cute, dreamland, dress, duchess, egl, elegant, girl, gothic, green, horse, in, lace, lolita, natalia, noble, pretty, rhs, rocking, rose, ruffles, shoes, sweet, tiered, victorian, vintage
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