Eneko (Fan Art Portfolio) Introducing Septentrion!~

Introducing Septentrion!~
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...He goes by Sept, for short. ^w^


I really want to make him my second character for PGR, because I'd love to roleplay with him. but Im not sure if I can handle two characters....

BISHIE <3 I am seriously fangirling over him. Hhhhhh~

So I am drawing my own Pokedex, and this morning I was drawing the entry for Ekans, and THIS guy slipped into my mind! I tell you, you don't choose a gijinka, he chooses you. I seriously don't even LIKE Ekans. But the character made himself known and I had to draw him! I get the craziest, randomest (yes that's a word >.<) inspirations, I tell yous.

Anyway! I just sat down and drew him and it took about 4 or 5 hours and this is the final result :3 This is basically the first time I've ever seriously tried to draw muscles on someone, and I think I did pretty well! Please critique!! I didn't use any reference at all, though I think I should've. I'm too lazy though.

He's either playing with his bangs or flicking his hair.
I think.
That would explain the sparkles.

Off to the side, I put some extra pictures. One has his toothy grin/smile, you can see his fangs. Another sparkle.
A side view of his open mouth, to show how big his fangs are and to show his tongue. It's the same as a human tongue, except it's a bit longer, and it's slightly forked. Like some people do to their tongues called tongue splitting, though it's banned in the US I believe. But he didn't do that himself. It's just him being an Ekans gijinka.
Then a close up of the Toxic plate, somehow he mustve split it in two and made them into dogtags to wear around his neck. They still up the power of his poison moves.
An up close of one of his eyes. He has vertical pupils!

Here's his bio, it pretty much explains the rest!~:

Pokemon: Ekans

Name: Septentrion (aka Sept)
His name comes from the scientific name of the Cat-eyed Snake (Leptodeira septentrionalis) because his eyes look like that snake's.

Age: 21

Hair color: orchid and violet (speaking of Crayola colored pencils)

Hair length: short and spiked/swept to the side

Eye color: golden yellow

Skin tone: sand

Type of Pokemon: poison

Gender: male

Height: 5'8" (or 69 in.)

Weight: fluctuates 166-170 lbs. (slightly above average because of his muscles)

Held item: Toxic Plate(s) in the form of dogtags

Relationships: TBA

Attacks: bite, leer, poison sting, iron tail, poison jab, captivate, stockpile, spit up

Personality: at first he seems arrogant, cocky, and sure of himself. Quite the ladies' man and a charmer (similar to Chii but not as gentlemanly), especially on younger girls. He's known, when he flirts with girls, to stare into their eyes with his and run his index finger from their jawbone to underneath their chin, using his Captivate move. Despite his tough outer appearance, he actually is a big softie, and has a tender spot for any aged young girl and has this strong will to protect them. When he's angry or anxious, he rattles the end of his tail loudly. Absolutely LOVES to make jokes about his height (which is incidentally 69 inches) and his weight (which sometimes is 169 lbs.) He seems like a major pervert, but his bark (or hiss) is bigger than his bite. He makes perverted jokes, but he'd never willingly peep or do anything perverted.

Likes: the ladies XD, weightlifting, chocolate (he's a major chocaholic), battling Pokemon-style, meat, TBA

Dislikes: fistfights, vegetables, TBA

Fears: anyone picking on him or others, TBA

Weaknesses: young kids (he wants to protect them), chocolate, TBA

Strengths: he's physically strong, TBA

Full Outfit: golden yellow sleeveless shirt/wifebeater/whateveryoucallit, toxic plate dog tags, baggy dark purple pants

Looks: captivating Ekans eyes, teeth with fangs, forked (but same size as a human's) tongue, Ekans tail, fairly muscled but not as much as Lux, tall and handsome

Background: it was hard to hide his tail so he couldn't disguise himself. So he stuck with roaming his city home at night. He can see in the dark with his snake eyes. TBA


Materials: mechanical pencil, Pentel RSVP fine pen, Crayola colored pencils.
Time: 4-5 hours

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