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Now Here is a Riddle...
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Now here is a riddle
To guess if you can
Sing the bells of Notre Dame:
Who is the monster,
And who is the man?

Huh, apparently there isn't a Disney category....

Recently I've been under a lot of stress with class work and exams, hence my lack of fan art for awhile. And when I'm stressed I tend to have random habits, like watching Happy Gilmore for five days straight during finals in the 8th grade, or killing my eardrums by listening to copious amounts of musicals or movie soundtracks. Well, this time it's Disney movies.

Specifically, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. GAWD I LOVE THIS MOVIE
Specifically-er Clopin Trouillefou, the gypsy king in the film and book (which I really want to read, though I know the general summary. I've only seen the 1939 HoND film, which was quite good.)
This guy is awesome. He's got to be the greatest minor/supporting Disney character ever.
So apologies to my subscribers, because I'm probably going to be spamming you with Clopin/Hunchback of Notre Dame/Disney fan art in the next few weeks :D
Actually, when I think about it this is my first legit Disney fan art ever ~ stuff drawn in elementary school not withstanding.

Background and some patching up done Photoshop; sort of experimenting with a few effects. (I finally-kind-of have access to it, whoot.)
Clopin design (c) Disney
Clopin (c) Victor Hugo

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