Eneko (Fan Art Portfolio) Kitties Make EVERYTHING Feel Better!~

Kitties Make EVERYTHING Feel Better!~
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When I saw my friend Bennett (Epically cool name, huh?! Lol I love his name) walk into school Monday morning, he looked sad, so I decided to draw him a picture to make him feel better! This was drawn and inked during 1st hour. I had to hurry to be able to get it to him when I walked with him to 2nd hour class, so I couldn't ink it right away, but I did later during 7th hour.

He loves black cats, so I drew him hugging a black kitty :3 His hair actually does look like that, dark brown, and it's so easy to draw anime-fied! He has cool hair X3 It actually doesn't reach his eyebrows because of school haircut restrictions, but it's really close to it. Varnado (our school's disceplinarian) just stopped him today--finally--and warned him about it, on the last full day of school before exams XD Fail. I wonder if he'll get it cut. :P

Turns out his step dad was fighting with and being mean to his mom, which set him on edge. But my drawing made him feel better! Maybe that's an understatement...because now he can't resist showing it off to everyone and telling me he loves it so much and wants to FRAME it. XD I might draw him stuff more often, lol.

IN A NUTSHELL, kitties make everything better, and I uploaded this mainly for the sake of updating. I am not dead, contrary to what many people think XD.

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