Eneko (Fan Art Portfolio) Nyarth: A Winter Update!~

Nyarth: A Winter Update!~
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I have made a new outfit for my wittle Nyarthy-kun!!!! *squees* <3 Turn around, my little kittyboy, show them your outfit!

Nyarth: *sweatdrops but rotates in place twice* That's kinda embarassing, nya ^^; but I do love the sweater! It's so warm and fluffy! =>w<=

Me: Okay, so for his new outfit, well it's winter and so he needed an outfit change, also he has been having the same clothes for so long (ever since I joined PGR with him actually, on May 19, 2009, three days after the roleplay was created >w<) AND, I haven't really asked for anything yet in terms of special items from the PGR Poke Store, so I thought, why not get something he needs now?

So here is his new outfit! A warm, fluffy sweater for the cold winter, new blue jeans because I was tired of his all-tan getup, he still has his forehead coin, he still has no shoes because his kitty-feet won't fit into shoes the right way XD;;,
Also, I had to keep his soothe bell on his person; it used to be around his neck as a long necklace, and later I accidentally changed it to a choker, but now he has moved it to the end of his tail. Jingle~
And if you notice, I gave him a slight haircut! In my last picture of him (which hasn't been for a while) his back-of-the-head hair was getting to his chin or even past it, but I trimmed it after we got his new outfit.

Different style of ears for him! I really love how they came out! Please give me your comments too, okay? :3

AAAAAND this also calls for an updated profile for him!:
haha I made him grow an inch and gain 3 pounds XD

Name: Nyarth

Pokemon: Meowth

Age: 12

Birthday: June 8

Hair color: silvery-gray

Hair length: bangs cut to frame his face, at the top of his head the hair sticks up a bit, and in the back it reaches no longer than his chin.

Eye color: silver-blue (but mostly silver)

Skin tone: light tan

Type of Pokemon: normal-type

Gender: male

Height: 4'4"

Weight: 93 lbs.

Held item: a soothe bell on a red ribbon tied to the end of his tail, and a berry pouch given to him by Estelle, with poffins and berries that is sometimes worn on his beltloop, sometimes not worn

Relationships: little brother to Estelle (Raichu was her dad too, before Nyarth was born), Mear is his artistic idol, nickname by Chii is Nekoboy, looks up to Lux and Gil as role-models of bravery and strength, revers Lupe with a scared kind of inspiration, his father, a Raichu, was captured by a trainer early in his childhood, his mother, a Persian, was captured at the same time as he by Team Rocket a couple of years after his dad got captured, but she died in Team Rocket's hands. No other siblings to speak of. Has a very close relationship with Addy, the Delcatty gijinka (who is now around 20 years old) who helped him escape the lab.

Attacks: thunder (rarely used because it takes so much out of him), pay day, fury swipes, bite

Personality: he is officially the 'Cute One' of the roleplay. The youngest of the group by a couple of years, most everyone finds him endearing. His voice sounds VERY close to the voice of Yoru, the guardian character of Ikuto from the anime Shugo Chara. There are his bad qualities, however... He is eager to lend a hand to anyone.... as long as it isn't during one of his frequent catnaps. He has two conflicting natures: Hasty and Relaxed, which depend on his current mood. He is increasingly stubborn, and VERY talkative. Possibly to the point of annoyance. Also very impatient. His favorite place to be is outside, in the sun, meaning he likes to wander off from the mansion quite often to stroll about and find a nice sun patch to lay in. He spends many of his days in that way, looking up at the clouds and the sky.

Hometown: a forest many miles over from the mansion.

Likes: having his ears scratched, comfortable clothing, poffins (actually he has something of a Poffin addiction), Sweet and/or Dry berries, shiny or jingley objects or anything that would get a cat's attention (string, feathers, catnip).

Dislikes: sitrus berries (all cats hate citrus, did you know that?), when he loses someone he loves

Fears: the dark, death, bees

Weaknesses: impatient, stubborn, lazy, talkative

Strengths: agile, fast, and flexible, can fit into tight spaces

Full Outfit: a tan turtleneck sweater with a wide neck, soothe bell on a ribbon tied to his tail, bluejeans, no shoes EVER

Looks: he's a bit tall and skinny for his age, he has the hindpaws of a Meowth, a coin on his forehead, has small pointy teeth.

Background: used to be a regular Meowth and lived with his Persian mom and Raichu dad in the base of a giant tree in a forest some miles away from the mansion. When he was younger, a trainer caught his dad. A couple of years later, Team Rocket captured his mother and Nyarth, brought them to their lab for experimenting. His mom didn't survive the testing, but he did- they infused him with human DNA and turned him into a gijinka. There he stayed in captivity for a year or so, until fellow gijinkas helped him escape. He fled to the nearby forests, wandering about trying to find his way home, and then came close to the mansion site, where bounty hunters were chasing the then-few members of the group. He showed up after the fight was over, and he's been taken care of by them ever since. He is grateful for the new home.

Nyarthy belongs to meeee~

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