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My part of an art trade with UnknownRumors. FFFF I just realized it's Homestuck and not Homestruck... it makes no difference but THINGS I JUST REALIZED. Homestruck always made me think of baseball anyway so...

ALSO so many things with this picture... 'Cause I got to work on it last not, and I worked on it for like half-an-hour, and I had like some flat colours down and I was like "Kay bedtime!" and went to save, and my program was all "LOL I'MA JUST GONNA BREAK DOWN RIGHT WHEN YOU WANT TO SAVE~" So I quickly took a crap screen shot of it so I could keep the basic shape... because I'm lazy and didn't want to draw it again...

SO THEN THIS MORNING. I was very upset with my other program and decided to use GIMP instead. And I don't use GIMP, so I lloked up right quick how to do some lineart AND OMG IT WAS SO FUN. I love you path tool~ I use to hate you because I did not understand you... BUT NO SO FUN OMG~ and then INK TOOL THING WAS ALSO VERY FUN... So It ended up being really fun... But then I didn't feel like it was in my style... So I tried to color some of it fancily instead of leaving just flats (even though I liked the flats).

All in all I'm sorry if I ruined him~ I hope you like him.

Also that trident on his shirt FFFF don't look at it... I didn't spend much time on it and it's just bad...

Homestuck Fan Art
chibi, Ellizz, homestuck, troll, UnknownRumors
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