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Tales of The Chibi Abyss
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Recently,my friend told me that I have'nt submitted something for a long time probably because:
#2:GOT HIT BY A MOTORCYCLE(but I'm fine now...I think)
So,I ended up making something he does'nt like,CHIBI(well I think it is chibi),well,he does'nt like hearing the word CHIBI not that HE hates chibi.This is the gang from Tales of The Abyss chibified(I like saying that XD).
From left to right(for those who don't know them):Anise,Natalia,Jade(he is a MAN),Luke,Tear and Guy.
My comments on this:
#1:Luke's hair is to..umm...puffy
#2:Tear and Natalia looks weird but the others are fine(drawing girls is scary)
#3:I forgot to draw Ion and Mieu
#4:I can't draw hands and feet very well,so sorry about that.
I just want to play the game cause I've watched the anime and it was
AWESOME-est-er-ever.It's hard to find the game but whatever.
By the way,this is my first time drawing chibi(maybe because of that it does'nt look very good?)
Enjoy!!(do you think this is chibi?tell me..)

Tales of the Abyss Fan Art
anise, guy, jade, luke, natalia, tales of the abyss, tear
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