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Megane Hiyoshi Wakashi
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well, uh .. !! Thinking about Hiyoshi is using glasses while reading .. ( exciting huh. XD ) ^^; I just want to see him in glasses XD !

About the sketch :
before I started to draw this .. I've seen in the anime scene that Hiyoshi was reading alone in his room he was wearing glasses and his eyes never shown .this part give an me inspiration to draw this ...

Hiyoshi was reading in his room .He didn't expected that someone would enter the room while he was reading . but it happened .Someone knocked the door. From a voice and footsteps , he already expected someone in his mind. Then, he smiled and relived while was looking at the door asking that person to enter .

By that satiation I drew this picture ^^; ( do you know the person who knocked the door ? :D )

About he coloring:
Still Ori's chan essay effected on my work of him .. I choose the Historical color on the background as a traditional Hiyoshi . He's always someone in your mind although he didn't show too much ! but still everyone knows him ,am I right !?.. Sunshine brightness on him as the effect from first kanji character ( 日 that means sun in the basic Chinese :aww: )

OK ...those were the history of this work .. ehehehe.. I always bla bla bla ........ I don't know what the title is .. I add a lot of my emotions on it >< so I put the most reason to draw this is megane Hiyoshi XD

I hope you like it :aww:

© Wakashi Hiyoshi from anime Prince of tennis belong to Konami Takeshi.

Prince of Tennis Fan Art
Hiyoshi Wakashi, Kauthar Sharbini, Konami, Prince of tennis
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