SnowP (Fan Art Portfolio) SS 2011 for superstarpanou

SS 2011 for superstarpanou

Merry Christmas Panou!

yup I'm your Secret Santa! Sorry about the lateness, I know it would've been ideal to wake up on Christmas day and see your gift, but I was too slow orz
The inconsistencies in the quality of coloring... it was because the coloring style I was doing was way too time-consuming and I didn't have enough time to keep it up for the entire picture... well I thought it was more important that I get it up today

As you can imagine, I was VERY tempted to draw Himuro-sensei >< lol but I thought I should draw something different, so Lyn and Hector from FE7, since I really like this pairing too! anyway, I was really surprised to find I was your secret santa cuz I had already read your wishlist and really liked your choices, so it was perfect!

Drawing this makes me want to play FE again XD which I think I will!

I listened to Christmas music on the radio all day while working on this so it felt a little weird that the picture is not christmasy at all... so I added some glowy stuff... like snow...?

hope you like it and have a great holiday!!


and thank you to Sayura-chan for hosting secret santa this year!

Fire Emblem Fan Art
blazing sword, fe7, fire emblem, hector, lyn, lyndis, secret santa, ss 2011
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