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Hakugei , I have a friend
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I'm back again with new picture this art is for contest ounger Fuji and Tezuka , it still ongoing if you are interested please join

it's time for short story :D

~Hakugei ! I have a friend

At the way to the Great lake , the young boy Tezuka and his grandfather went there . They were carrying their fishing box . Tezuka was happy ! his grandfather had given him a new fishing rod . When they reached the place , they saw other family was sitting there . Tezuka recognized a boy with brown hair ! " Grandpa look !" He shouted excitingly. "What is it Kuni-kun?" his grandfather replied. Tezuka pointed at the boy who was standing near a white fish in the lake. " hahaha do you want to fish this Kuni-kun?" the grandfather joked . " No , I knew that boy from kindergarten, he is Fuji!! " Tezuka said . "oh ho ho ho , I see , go and say hello to him " His grandfather went to the family and the little Tezuka walked with his new fishing rod toward Fuji .

" Hello " Fuji smiled started to greet him .
" hello " Tezuka replied.
" why are you here ?" Fuji asked him .
" me and grandpa are fishing , what about you ?" Tezuka asked Fuji .
Fuji smiled " my family always come here to relax " . Then , Fuji looked at Tezuka's rod while he was pointing at it saying " ne! it's very pretty" .
" this? yes , my grandpa bought to me yesterday " Tezuka replied happily .
" but you can't fish Hakugei " Fuji give an evil smiling .
" Hakugi?" Tezuka questioned .
"yup, here ! " Fuji called out Hakugei . Then ,a large fish came out of the water .It was a whale . Tezuka surprised . Fuji rode up the whale and said . " you can touch him " Tezuka put his hand on whale nose , and Hakugei let out water above "amazing " Tezuka surprised and Fuji smiled .

" Hakugei is my friend , he lives in this lake " Fuji said .
" No , it doesn't . whale lives in the ocean " Tezuka said .
" No , in the lake " Fuji said .
" In the ocean " Tezuka replied .
"In lake"
"in Ocean "
" ne ~ Tezuka , my Hakugei is balloon" Fuji gave an evil smile . Tezuka paused .

Tezuka grandpa came to them and said while seeing the whale , " oh Kuni-kun , do you still want to fish this ? it's a balloon anyway " Fuji and grandpa laughed " yudan sezu ni ikou" Tezuka said to himself embarrassment .

Fuji took Tezuka's hand and let him ride Hakugei. "Grandpa, can we fish on the whale?" Fuji asked. "Sure! I'll fish with you here," the grandfather gave a smile and started fishing. " ne~ Hakugei , I have a friend " Fuji said that happily while riding the whale .

Fuji and Tezuka were having a great time playing together on the while . Tezuka fished 3 fish . and they had a great dinner in the Great lake .

The End

Do you love the name Kuni-kun ? nyahahah ^o^ he is Kunimitsu .. it sound so cute, isn't it ? >~<

About the Whale as a Balloon not a real one , here the details : in the story ( I didn't want to make it with more details , just simple and funny ) , also , the story showed Tezuka's side not Fuji side :D

Fuji was practicing to surprise his family . He acted the Hakugei as a real whale not just a balloon ( same as when we were in this age, we loved to make our teddy bear as a real friend not just a doll ) . When Fuji greeted Tezuka , he hid the whale in the lake . When he called out , he stood in other side to make Hakugei as a real whale coming out from the water . Then, he quickly rode up and asked Tezuka to touch Hakugei . When Tezuka touched Hakugei , Fuji quickly pushed the button that was available in the balloon to make water above . made Tezuka really believed his acting ..XD .

so, when Fuji started to test Tezuka he said that Hakugei lived in the lake . He surprised when Tezuka argue with him , that meant Tezuka fall into his trick :D >> naughty Fuji XD

nyahahah such an evil story , I couldn't sleep after writing this one XD Fuji , Tezuka and Hakugei were jumping on my mind as same as counting sheep XD this story is very special to me XD

I hope you like it .. :love:

© Tezuka Kunimitsu , Shusuke Fuji from anime Prince of tennis belong to Konami.
© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini.

Prince of Tennis Fan Art
bombstyle, Fuji susuke, prince of tennis, Tezuka Kunimitsu
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