InuGirl07 (Fan Art Portfolio) Huggly Snuggly for Vanitas

Huggly Snuggly for Vanitas
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Yay Vani and Pooh Bear lol

How the Encounter Happened:
It all started when Pooh began to miss Sora, so his friends helped him to find a way to find Sora. Together they went to Kanga's house and borrowed a balloon (which she filled up with helium).

After leaving Kanga's home, Pooh bid everyone farewell, and off he floated to find his friend, Sora. Traveling out of his story, courtesy of leftover magic on the book from Merlin, Pooh Bear floated out the book and Merlin's house and flew all over Radiant Garden.

Finally, he spotted a head full of dark spiky hair and let a bit of air to help him descend. Pooh Bear clashed and hugged the boy he believed was Sora. Turns out it was the most evilest villain in the entire KH series (and Xehanort may be mad, but he's not really that evil since he's doing everything out of ambition and for power), Vanitas.

Vanitas looks at the stuffed bear and the first words out of his mouth were "Da fuuu~ck?!"

Pooh Bear replied "Someone need one of Pooh's Huggly Snugglies"

Vanitas blushed, but kept on glaring at the stuffed bear.

And so as everyone says: "The rest is history."

Well, enjoy 8 )

Vanitas and Pooh belong to their respected owners

Artwork by me

Can also be found on My dA and My tumblr accounts

NOTE: CLICK ON THE HIGH RESOLUTION since I just saw that the image isn't viewable for some odd reason, and it's not because its a PNG, since I have another artwork that's a PNG file and is viewable...

NOTE 2: Okay, I changed the image file to JPEG so hopefully the image is finally viewable...

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