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Soul d'Lun (OC Update)

hehe... i realized i havent drawn my Ocs in a while
so im giving them updates and a little profile about them
tah dah !!!!

Name: Soul d'Lun (Pronounciation: Sol di Loon)
Age: 17
Date of Birth: October 25
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Red
Skin color/nationality: Vampire
Story: Long ago, on the night of the lunar moon two vampire twins were born. The moon, shinning a bright red rose color the atmosphere made everyone delighted and in well care of the two twins. There they lived peacefully until that dark night. The twins Mercy and Soul were only two years old when a shadow cursed them and then vanished taking one of the twins with him. The night went completely black “Mercy, Soul where are you?”cried a young woman. As she ran into the room, a figure of a young man’s shadow said “Truth to be truth and evil shall remain in the heart of child with in thee.” They say that only one of them survived the deathly attack of the curse and other was sent to live among humans seacherin for sister. And now our story
Personality: when "Shadow" took her away and raised her she knew of nothing but darkness
so her personality is more punk yet with her own down to earth flare.

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