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What is love
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I’ll probrablly scrap this once the challenge is over. I feel that I’ll leave my heart open and vulnerable if I keep it up to long.

Love is some you can play video games with, listen to music, watch Anime, comedies and doctor who with. A cuddle buddy as xXShayde WolfXx once suggested. Love is feeling safe and warm.

Just someone I feel safe with someone who understands me and that in re-turn, I can help back in return, and make them feel better about themselves.
Just to have one other person in my lonely frightening world. And if there was more than one even that would be a great blessing.
“I was so happy, it tickled. In the midst of all those people. . . She singled me out . . . and found me. Having someone other than yourself thinking of you. Looking. . for you. You can’t take that for granted. It’s miraculous and a blessed thing.”
“It’s because you’re like that . . . that you noticed . . . someone like me. And talked to me.” Yuki X Machi, from Fruits Basket. I like that couple, it speaks to me, I feel a lot like Machi and I one day hope to meet someone like Yuki.

I want to open up to people and to be held and stuff, but the thing is I have such a fear and distrust of people, that it’s so unlikely that’ll ever happen. There’s just so much under the surface of my happy appearance.
But then again what would I know, I might be asking for too much or just naive, but I wouldn’t know anything about this thing called love.

I drew myself with my oc Ozzy, I almost always draw myself with myself, as I’ve closed myself away from everyone around me and I only had my oc’s to keep me company, and specifically Ozzy because he’s based on a spirit/ghost that’s hung around me since I can remember and has kept me from feeling lonely. Yeah I’m a bit weird . . . heh ^^’

I don't have anyone to dedicate it to but I hope you all like it

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What is love....?
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