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Team Sync
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I finally decided on a team name for these guys. Team Sync because they are always in sync when fighting [even though Night and Scythe don't always get along].

Night is the Speed Type. She's typically calm and laid back, but sometimes fights with Scythe because they don't always get the same idea from what they're talking about. Though a Speed Type, Night is a harsh contender and her claws can tear through almost anything. Because her team is made up of her friends, they are loyal and willingly follow her commands.

Hydraulik the Power Type isn't exactly as you'd expect. She likes Metal music, but is as calm, cool, and friendly as can be. She is never angry, EVER. Her easygoing attitude has transfered to her fighting, giving her a unique way of smoothly moving and dodging. She is solid muscle and can swing her wrench with deadly force. She handles the task of ending Night and Scythe's arguments, and is secretly afraid of heights.

Scythe is the Skill Type because he can both fly AND slash with his scythes. He is usually very quiet and avoids confrontations, but just can't seem to help but argue with Night sometimes. He never takes off his scarf, and rarely speaks to anyone. He cannot swim and is afraid of the water and getting wet, as he can't fly if his wings get doused.

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Hydraulik, Night, Scythe
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