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Stop being lazy
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Hahaha I'm not dead! I don't know if you can call my abscence from creativeness artblock, must have been some similar disease that Cloud was polite enough to kick me out of.
I become deadly serious whenever this creative spirit escapes me,
' yeah that's it i'm never gonna waste my time on another trashy drawing AGAIN', swooping away all the pencils and colors and stuff on my bedside table like a brutal force of nature.
... followed by me picking up all the stuff a couple of days later when the mood is good again.

It's still a little pain seeing how I just have finished going through like nine pages of artwork on this site that I missed during this time, putting thumbs up on all the great pieces. (TvT)b

I'm currently experimenting with comic-making, it's tough and ugly so let's see what happens with that fufufu TwT

yeah, Sure i have it here someplace... huhuh that's right...the reason I made the pic above wasn't only because Cloud is the most inspirational character for my part, it's also because he's in the tip top of my secret santa wishlist ho ho ho. if you're not in this secret santa project yet you should apply. I need you to draw Cloud for me. ~(^3^~)
I would totally put in links but my keyboard won't adapt to me.

Final Fantasy VII Fan Art
Cloud, square-enix, Strife
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