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I Get a Kick Out of You
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In class, we talked about taking a trip to the Tahiti Islands. But the plane crashes into the ocean, and we're only allowed to take whatever we need onto the life raft, whatever's of top priority, and what we could use. At the time, we were told to look through our bags that we brought to class and pick out from our stuff which could be helpful for our survival once we find land (an island to be exact).

I chose bobby pins, because I had so much of them with a container full of them. I thought maybe we could use them to make hooks and such. I also had an ACE bandage with me.

Well anyway, when I was thinking of something to sketch, I had the idea of upgrading this story into some sort of freak zombie apocalypse (inspired by watching The Walking Dead). We're in a plane, the apocalypse happens, and then when we crash, the world becomes our island. I'd be the Bobby Pin Girl, aka "Pins." Hence, "PINS KICK!". I'd sharpen my bobby pins, weld some together and make some bobby pins claws XP and use the rest as bullets/throwing knives...haha.

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