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IHOP Escapade

xD well... there is a story to this picture...

My brothers and I had a coupon to use at IHOP. The server, Bobby, seemed nice, but he didn't smile at all. I had brought paper to draw, so I jokingly told my brother we should draw a picture for him to make him smile! :3 As you can all see, we drew it. well... I drew it, but he helped me with ideas and stuff. Anyhow, I left the picture with our tip. I went outside and watched through the window to see his reaction; he seemed a little dumbfounded. XD He took it over to the other guy working there and they laughed a little bit. I forgot to give them the coupon though.. so we had to go back. >.> xD They didn't say anything about it, so I dunno if that's a bad or good thing. >.< I know I was a little weird to draw a random person a picture, but I don't care. :3 It was a lot of fun! I'm just kinda curious what he's gonna do with it..... O.o

Please let me know what you think! :3 It didn't really take that long to draw.

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