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Rena Final Turnaround
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Finally finished this turnaround! She's tiny but she packs a punch : )

Name: Rena Abrams
Age: 18
Height: 5' 0"
D.O.B: August 25th (Virgo)
P.O.B: Bronx, NY
Nationality: African-American and Dominican
Classification: Elemental Type CMA (Chimeric Mutation Anomaly: Mutant)


Rena is a CMA born with the ability to manipulate her own enhanced bioelectricity and sense the bioelectrical currents of others. Even though she is very strong, she lacks restraint and tends to underestimate how damaging her powers can be to the people around her. This has made her a target for the Regime evoking her eldest brother, Lieutenant Brent Abrams, to call upon Danny to be her protector. She believes she can handle her enemies on her own but her miscalculations cause her to accidentally electrocute Danny during a battle with Regime hunters and trigger his ‘Spark’ for the first time. This event gets her in trouble with the Alliance and now she must learn to control her abilities and watch over Danny to hinder him from using the Spark again.


Rena is independent, analytical, and reserved by nature. She always strives to do her best, even if that means training long hours every day to control her powers. Her perseverance makes her a competitive person and she will not back down from a challenge regardless of how experienced her competitor is. Most of the time, she tends to be almost obnoxiously inquisitive by her need to always figure out what is going through a person’s head and will not be afraid to speak her mind or make criticism. While she’s not a psychic, her ability to sense other’s bioelectric currents helps her read a person’s emotions and makes her very adaptive to confrontations, sometimes even taking on the same disposition as the person she is speaking to. Unfortunately, the fact that CMAs are rare and considered alien to most of the world has made it difficult for her to maintain relationships with people and is actually very lonely despite her strive for independence. She hopes that she will find someone who will understand her differences and appreciate her for who she is.

Possible Voice Actress: Laura Bailey (Maka: Soul Eater)

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