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Happy holidays! I'm your 2012 Secret Santa!
I know I'm not very great at graphic designing or at art in general, but I hope you like it.

This is supposed to be Shyla as a kid. I left out the jewlery and music pack since I'm not sure if it came later in life or not. I was gonna color it, but the eyes...what color are they?

This event gave me a lot of grief. A LOT. What do I draw, this doesn't look good, what do I draw, how can I make it look good, this doesn't look good, and so on. I wanted to draw something really good, so I looked into your favorites to see what you liked about them. I noticed your favs had detail to them. This gave me more grief; I suck at detail. They also were colored well. This gave me more grief; I suck at color. Plus they draw well. More grief for me.

I was pressured for time so no drawn piano x3 lol it looks out of place. I have a lot to improve on.

I'm still in the middle of coloring, so b/w for now.

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