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He left
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Excerpt from story.

The sky was just beginning to lighten as Gil walked up the cobbled path leading toward Ryan’s house. Reaching the front door Gil paused, took a deep breath, and then knocked. Silence stretched out before a woman answered the door. “Gilbert, what a surprise! What brings you here this early in the morning?”

“Good morning Kathleen, is Ryan here?” Gil asked, nodding his head in respect.

“No, he left about an hour ago to start his journey. Kathleen paused and looked at Gil with her brow furrowed. “Aren’t you going with him? You don’t seem to have any supplies or luggage with you. Did you change your mind?” Gil stood rooted to the spot staring at Kathleen, an expression of fear spreading across his face. “He was always talking about how you two would travel the world and go on adventures. He hasn’t mentioned a word about you going with him these past few days though. Did something happen?”

Gil was already down the cobbled path before Kathleen even finished asking the question.

....Yup. That's basically what is happening behind this pic. I decided that I wanted to try make a fake screen shot again, but I can't cell shade to save my life, so it ended up like this...I also can't draw backgrounds to save my life either, but I'm fairly happy with how this turned out.

I hope you enjoy this, and enjoy the little excerpt of my book. Too bad you can't have everything that happened before this scene. Then it would make sense! Bwahahaha!


P.S. I'm going to go and edit the subtitles, so they are easier to read.

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