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This isn't really done and I don't exactly think it will ever be done. (this is sort of obvious in some ares, such as the bottom of the shirt and the folds in the pants, and other things like that.)

Character of mine, been in my head for a while. Maybe I'll post more information soon, maybe not.

For now:
She's a character in some story/comic/whatever I decide to make of it that's lightly toying with the themes of traditional superhero comics.
She's a side character, but she has significance in some way or another.
She has the ability to manipulate flesh. (To be specific, her touch deforms and mutates the body, usually causing bubbling growths, tumors, and cysts.)
Unfortunate side-effect of this unwanted ability is that she's in near-constant pain and her eyes are almost completely gone, replaced with painful, bleeding bumps.
She inflicts pain on herself if one of the pains she's already feeling happens to get particularly intense.
Most 'smaller' pains she can tune out easily. She often injures herself without realizing in connection to this.

Doot doot.
Doot doot.

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