Jnasby123 (Fan Art Portfolio) Yelhsa's Sleepwalking Problem

Yelhsa's Sleepwalking Problem
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Here is Luke and Yelhsa again. This is them with a little more work and Luke does look funny but that was intended. Also to point out is that Yelhsa is not really young. She is 17 years old and Luke is 19 so this, well in my point of view, is okay.

So, Yelhsa has a tendency to kind of sleepwalk. Sometimes she ends up back in her bed but also in others. Here she is in Luke's bed, and sometimes it isn't an accident and not the first time. Luke usually moves and usually ends up holding onto Yelhsa while their legs get entangled. Both of them talk in their sleep as well and here is what they are saying:

Yelhsa: "Hey....Paine...how can I...zzz...get....big...breasts...like...you....
Luke: "I am King of the Hill...N-No one... touches...Yel...my....pillow...

These two are a couple but they don't realize it themselves that they are. Both of them are conflicted by their emotions to see that they already had a close relationship. Yelhsa has a fear of rejection just like in her past when know one accepted her for being a half-demon. Luke was scared that he would cause her trouble and was a little afraid of rejection as well or that Yelhsa never seen him as anything more than a friend.

I have drawn this before but that was last year and I would say that I have improved and I might show the first one on here but here is a link for the original on my DA account: http://jnasby123.deviantart.com/art/Yelhsa-s-Habit-304326535

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