Keba Si Rota (Fan Art Portfolio) 50th Drawing Cosplay Party!

50th Drawing Cosplay Party!
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This. This! THIS!!! This is what was preventing me from submitting all my 30 Days of Art drawings. At least partially. I was working on those drawings alongside of finishing this up.

First of all, I'd like to dedicate this to Toya who suggested that I make my OCs have a party in celebration of my 50th drawing. I'd also like to thank Zuzu for providing me with a Challenge which helped me decide a theme for the party: COSPLAY!

Here's a who's who and why:

Meh-Eh-Au (lower left) is Lucario from Pokemon because basically The Rebels of Planet Aadau idea came from three series, and Pokemon is the most prominent of those three. I decided on Lucario because it's a popular Pokemon. And I'd think that Meh-Eh-Au would be a Fighting Pokemon if he were a Pokemon. Meh-Eh-Au's costume was the most out-of-the box because he's hardly a human, but hardly Pokemon-like. So he looks a bit like a gijinka. That's the closest I'll ever get to making a good-looking gijinka.

Meh-Eh-Weoa (the little one in Keba's arms) is Palmon from Digimon because-- you guessed it-- that was the second influence on "Rebels". (The third, if you're wondering, was the English dub of DBZ, but no one's dressed as a character from that series.) Also, Meh-Eh-Weoa is a walking, talking plant like Palmon. And they're both green. Of all the costumes, this was the hardest to come up with. All I did was give Meh-Eh-Weoa a flower on her head. Note to self: don't dress an animal-like plant as another animal-like plant.

Keba (middle right) is Shippou from Inuyasha because she originated as an Inuyasha fan character. And they're both fox demons. Perfect! I just omitted Shippou's hair bow because Keba's hair is too short. This is the only crossplay in the picture.

Jon (upper right) is Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon because they are both protectors. Tuxedo Mask protects and fights alongside Sailor Moon while Jon does the same for Keba. I am not saying that Jon and Keba are an item. I cannot stress this enough: Keba and Jon are not romantically involved with one another. So yeah. I also thought that Jon would look good in a tux.

Naomi (middle) is Hinata from Naruto (time-skip/Shippuden version) because when I first drew Naomi, the initial sketch looked very much like Hinata. They both have similar personalities, too. Both are quiet, shy girls, but when someone they care about is in trouble, they're ready to fight (or at least try to fight). I drew Naomi in Hinata's time-skip clothes because they look more feminine. I felt kind of bad making Naomi wear pants. She really didn't want to.

Dice (upper left) is Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood because, let's face it, Dice is Greed. OK, not really. The biggest difference between the two is that Greed is &%[email protected] GREED and Dice just doesn't know any better. When I drew Dice for the first time, I didn't use a single reference, save for the pose from a "how to draw" book, and he still came out looking like Greed. I bet Viz would sue me for copyright infringement if I ever decided to publish Survival Instincts. I'M PROUD THAT I SUCK! Pleasedon'thurtme.

Marshall (middle left) is Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi simply because I was running out of ideas. Poor Marshall doesn't get enough love. And I haven't seen enough anime. Hmm, Marshall is gonna pound Dice once he finds out about the bunny ears.

Edit: I forgot Sir Calvin!! How could I?

Sir Calvin (the drawing in the upper right corner) is Kamina from Gurren Lagann because both are the epitome of manliness. And they each have swords. Please note that I have only seen two episodes of Gurren Lagann so if you drop spoilers, there's no telling what Sir Calvin might do.

Tools used:
Sketch paper
Ink pens
Colored pencils
Photoshop CS5 (for touch-ups and to remove background)

All these characters are mine. Their costume designs all belong to the respective owners of each series that the costumes are from. I don't know why you'd want to use this in a wallpaper or card, but I'm keeping the option available. Just follow theO rules. I'm probably going to post this on my DevaintART under the username KebaSiRota. Also, if you've read this far, congratulations. You get a cookie. Just let me know so I can give it to you.

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