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My OCs-Part 2
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My OCs Part 2~Reference sheet
Miscellaneous OCs

I thought it would be a good idea to have all my OC designs drawn out, so I took some time to draw mini figures ^U^ They were all about 2-3 inches tall and I used my .03 mechanical pencil to draw them with detail. Then I digitally edited their height and placed them on a height chart (find it here)!

I have a bunch of different OCs here, and will write up a bit about them below:
Agents Victor, Detective Judah, and Agent Tod- They are alternate beings of my Judah and Tom OCs, and Victor is actually an agent xD
The Fisher- He's an OC I made of my sister's fish. He's not that important, his creation spawned from a challenge entry I drew of my pets.
Planthead- Another random OC that was born when I was bored and looking at a plant in my living room. He's a creepy guy.
Noctum- Maybe equally creepy is Noctum, my mermaid killer. I made him so that he can morph into alluring figures such as a man or merman to draw in poor mermaids. AKA Anathema.
Kaji- How his popularity has grown since I first designed him!! Lol and he loves all his fans, I'm sure ;)
Lucian Jade- A character I created in a SciFi contest entry and then later became part of the RP world (with help from Chi!)
Flint- My first human OC, he was part of a street gang.
Samurai Guy- He has a name, but its a mystery (even to me xD). I dreamed of this guy and his storyline one day.
Matsuro- My main character for my hockey manga which never was created. He's blind in his left eye.
Yoshiro and Ayako- My OC couple who hasn't come into spotlight yet since I'm lazy with my Love Locket manga, but they shall have their day!

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Part 2 on its way~

Figures done in pencil. MangaKid owns all designs(c) Do not steal or use in any form.

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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