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I'm a Yankee Girl >.<
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Rin is a first year high school student. She is ,as you can tell from the title, a yankee girl . She has only one girl friend and everyone in the school is afraid of her because of her bad temper. In reality she is not a bad person and she even helps the one's in need. so one day as she is helping a glasses boy to get rid of some idiots she meets and old "friend". No the boy isn't just a cute little glasses boy, he is actually a really tough guy and he didn't need her help from the start :P so as they are fighting alongside someone attacks Rin from behind and the glasses boy protects her. she then helps him to get up , his glasses fall of and she discovers that the boy is in reality a sempai from her previous school, named Haru, who she used to argue a lot (he was also a yankee back then)He then explains that due to a fight he was seriously injured and he had to stay back a year, and that his parents made him concentrate on his studies and forget about his previous way of life.In the end they slpit while having a fight , because as he says "he didn't need her help .After that she goes to school only to find out that this annoying guy is in the same class with her and what is worse is that she is having a really annoying feeling everytime she sees him....
Ok i hope you like it and i really hope my little story wasn't tiring

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