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LiaC - Forgotten Dreams - Digimon
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For long term fans, you may recognize Rei’s old designs back when she was a self insert mary-sue LAWL she’s definitely grown a lot since then and developed into a better character (at least I hope so xD).

For those who don’t know, there were two other versions of LiaC before it, Forgotten Dreams and Request of the Heart. Request is still in my drafts on theO. Unfortunately, I deleted Forgotten Dreams from theO, but I hope one day i can find the old pages. I’m sure they’re around my house somewhere. Not like I got very far though xD

LiaC is suppose to include other animes as other worlds, but the selection has gotten smaller as I fell out of fandoms. Digimon is an exception, but there’s not really a way to tie it in with LiaC.

I do miss my baby Dorumon though. My sweet cinnamon roll, I still love you ;u;

See the old drawing here<3

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