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This one's about a year old. Yeah, yeah. When will Sage post something recent? Hopefully next week =D I have a comic sketched for wht and I'm hoping to get it done. Pretty panels and all~ Don't think there's really any spoilers...not that I think it'd matter at this point anyways with the game being out for a year. So anyways, a lot of my friends were bothered by Zant's little episode where he bends in wierd positions and throws a fit(retarded monkey holding a temper tantrum XD ). But I started to wonder if this was a Twili thing...then I thought of Link, who's not a Twili and can't bend like that. How would he feel watching Zant contort himself into a pretzel? I've also seen quite a few things about Zant doing this, but never how. So I came up with my own answer: yoga. References used for designs and such cuz there's no way I could draw Zant and Midna from memory. Link yes cuz I memorized OoT Link by heart many years ago.

Zelda Fan Comics
link, midna, twilight, twilight princess, zant
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