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LOZ: Waste Of Time
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O_O there was a prob uploading so if
this page is black and say the end
its not the right page and you should
come and check back later, sorry! I
changed the uploaded pic, the website
just hasn;t swapped it out yes
...>_< yeah sooo oops!

duh duh duh duh!!!
its done all over!

oh yeah
dont try this at home
srsly hitchhiking is
a bad idea, especially
wiht tanks

so even if you think you
are the hero of Time or
whatever DON'T TRY IT!!

This comics been great and
im gonna miss not posting it
anymore, you guys have been
great! love the feedback and
Its been a great experience

did the last page entirley in
photoshop and tried a new coloring
style... dont know why i bother with
that i changed the style like every
coupleof pages...

but yeah enjoy!

the next page just says the end
look if you want!

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comedy, gamer_7, horror, scifi
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